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    Does anyone know of a program called shoppingjobs.com is anyone doing well with this program

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    Re: advise

    You will waste your money with them.

    there is a forum for mystery shoppers that lists all relevant companies

    and general mystery shoppers disscussions.

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    Re: advise

    it looks like shoppingjobs is down right now. that should tell you something

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    Re: advise

    Most legit mystery shopping companies, do not charge a fee for joining the program

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    Re: advise

    ShoppingJobs.com also charges a recurring payment which is not very obvious when you sign up. They make it sound like you are being charged 95 cents for a membership fee. They make it sound like a real bargain. They also do not respond to emails when you try to contact them from their website Contact Us form. I have tried reaching them a number of times. Shoppingjobs.com says to make sure to check your bulk mail folder for their responses. It does no good to check your bulk mail when they do not respond to your emails.

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