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    Future Education

    The object of education up to the presnt time has been to produce an individual who will be an asset to a sovereign state, or a country conditioned by a world of sovereign states. He must be reared so that he can be controlled to do the will of his country only, and acquinted with any point of view outside of and opposed to his country.

    Men have, therefore, been brought up in an attitude of bias. Difficult and wearing conditions of living have forced them to accept ready-made ideas.

    Life, particularly in recent times, has not produced conditions necessary for individual thinking anywhere. it has meant that at the most one percent of the public ever achieves an original thought.

    People have been bought up with a set of taboos, ideals and ideas automatically stamped upon them. Almost evry individual has been subjected to this same stamping process!

    Firstly he was coloured by the tradition and the attitude of his family, possibly by family pride, exclusivness, greed, possessiveness, ambition, and narrow mindedness.

    They made of him a little replica of themeselves in as far as they were able. Even the nicest of families have their share in the above frailties.

    On top of these powerful influences the child was hampered not only with inherent helalth deficiencies, but with those habits of living and feeding which produced them.

    Secondly, he was given into the hands of orthodox education. This has been so far completely organised to foster a somewhat blind 'patriotism', in the interest of the state.

    An extremely biassed history was taught, in which the rest of the world serves only as a foil to the virtue and powess of his own country.

    He was imbued with a belief of war, and was trained to consider all peoplle outside how own frontiers as his natural enemies, as 'foreigners', people intrinsically different them himself.

    In these ways the attitude of separatism has been built up, and is constantly added to.

    The individual is asked to subscribe to a hundred 'loyalties'. there is loyalty to his family, to their particulat religion and all their fetishes; to his school with its attendent rivalries and separatisms from other schools; to his country as it is represented to him; to the power behind his job, whatever it is; to his club and social circle; to the exclusivness found in the realm of his hobby or sport; and to the political paty with which he takes sides.

    So, loyalty within loyalty crowds his life, until his every thought and instinct is bound and defined ready-made by one of them.

    What actually are loyalties?

    They are grooves of thought planned and built up, even if unconsiously, by those people who wish gain and keep a hold of the individual, either for his vote, his labour, his money, his influence, or his support.Some of them maybe right and worthy, some of them not so, but the fact of the purpose and effect remain.

    So firstly through family influence, and secondly through educational and propagandist influences, his attitude of separatism is strongly built up.

    The thrid influence is tthat of economic necessity.

    The individual of today is bouyght up in an atmosphere of fear and apprehension. He is faced with the prospect of 'earning his living' in a wold which, although it claims his every loyalty, may nevertheles have no use for him.

    If he belongs to the few who are born with good incomes, he then still maybe in prepetual apprehension as to his ability to keep it, his fear of making false moves, or of managing his family life unwisely, or of parting with to much of it to the myriad demands made upon him by those anxious to get it away from him for reasons good or bad. Added to this, the affairs of the world are now in such a chaotic state that no one can be sure of his finacial future any longer.

    therefore, from the highest to the lowest, the life of the individual is influenced by fear or dread, which naturally inhibits him in all phases of his outlook. This fear usually persists throughout life, becaurse in any case it becomes part of the fabric of his character.

    This terrible heritage of fear is due also to the crime of speration, and the fact that life between nation, between class, and company, is a competitive and rivalrous, producing an uneven sharing out of land and of material and of opportunity in a world of plenty.

    The individual is, therefore brought up at present in the thrall of a vicious circle. His upbringing prevents him from being capable of constructive clear thinking. He has been firstly educated to regard his self as a member and a perquisite of his family, then as a member and a and a perquisite of his country.

    He is never represented to himself as a member of world humanity, with freedom of the world as his heritage.

    Patriotism has proven to be a wonderful inspiration throughout history, ennobling life and urging men to progree and fulfilment. But, after all, patriotism is actually devotion to an ideal.

    Whether the devotion is to one's coubtry or to one's continent or to all one's fellow men does notmake such difference as we might first suppose.

    The difference is that the scope is larger, the vision greater, and the possible results relatively grander.

    The fact that the taint of possessiveness which marks national patriotism would be missing in world patrioism, as would alsobe the vice of separatism, puts world patriotism nearer to true christianity than the lesser attribute which has served us until now.

    The development of education will move forward under thesame influences which bring such radical changes in other walks of life.

    Men's interests will be focused upon world unity, synthesised economics, international fusion and algamations of a hundred kinds.

    In measure as it become demonstrated how much social conditions are going to benefit from new enterprises of breaking down international barriers of all sorts it will be to educate people to support these activitys.

    World history, world economics, and international relationships of every kind will be studied.

    The mark of a good education will be to show the capacity for liking, understanding and valuing any and every nation.

    The future type patriot will desire his country to play exemplary part in international living. His personal ambition will be worthily to fill the role of world citizen.
    The internet is the last light of truth and hope...it is truly of the people, by the people and for the people. We must not let it be subverted for any purpose other than the truth. And that truth shall spread to every man woman and child across the globe. No longer will those in power carry the sole means to decide for us, yet we now shall have the power to decide to tune them out.

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    Re: Future Education

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    Re: Future Education

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