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    This is a company (American Safety Council) that markets DMV services in the NY/NJ area. They broker Insurance Reduction Classes for a number of independent instructors that uses a certifing agent named Empire Saety Council.
    The problem is that American Safety Council charges a fee of $25 more than the actual cost of the class. The class has a market value of $40.
    When you type in Defensive Driving in google, up pops American Safety Council. I guess if you feel that $65 is an acceptable price for this service you are fine. When you attand the class and find out that you are the only one in the room that paid $65, they all think you have been ripped. They are right!!!!!
    It is illegal to add "undiscloded surcharges" to the price of a product.
    Whe asked about these charges the representative replied:

    We are a service company and have offered you an easy enrollment in the course of your choice.. We have affiliations with organizations and are unsure what each location charges, we have our fee which covers our expenses for all the advertising and marketing for all of the locations as well as completing the registration process for all that enroll.

    Marleen Goepel


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    Alan Berg--- incompetent laser eye surgeon

    Alan Berg works as a laser eye surgeon in Sherman Oaks, CA. After I spent $3,000.00 cash to have the surgery, I walked out of there with WORSE eye sight than I had when I went in there. It has been getting progressively worse ever since. He has no consideration for the patients and lacks the competence to operate on anybodys vision. Greed is what Alan Berg is more about. If you have the cash, he will do the work no matter how poorly.

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    Over duh Rainbow, OZZ

    hav u seen www.PayExchange.net ?

    Ive searched - I didnt know wher to ask of this = a friend sent it to me + never used em yet

    + why is ther NO Money or Ecurrency exchange threads ?

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    Inheritance Scam

    An e-mail was received from Thomas West, Esq., as follows: My name is Mr. Thomas West (ESQ) and I was privileged to be the Legal Adviser/Personal Attorney of my late client and your relative. He and his whole family were killed in an auto crash in 2002. He died intestate. I got your contact information through an international directory. I am contacting you so that I can give you further briefing on my intention and how to disburse the estate left behind by my late client, more especially a huge deposit made in a security company here in London in 1999.
    I will give you further details on how we shall proceed in disbursing this funds if you are interested.
    I await your urgent response.
    Best regards,
    Thomas West, Esq.

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    europeanp rize

    received e mail indicating won prizeof 5 million dollars contact person van gogh their e mail is [email protected]
    2nd lottery category 2006 NL National Draw
    e mail title is CONGRATULATIONS
    Their supposed address is Microsoft Network
    Boeing Ave30
    119 PE Shiphol
    after responding with no info they sent a list of insturctions to deposit a minimum of 750 dollars in their agents account a requirement then to scan and attqch a copy of both passport and drivers liscence to them for verification then fill out a form which i didnt download
    requesting personal banking and finance info etc
    they can obviously take the 750 then drain the bank acct given then steqal my identity ewtc etc a vicious scam done before similar to the irish lottery british lottery etc this one is the netherlands lottery
    hope this is useful in preventing some form getting scammed sincerly grettta

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    Mr.suleman Mohmadu Dead American Scam


    Dear Friend ,

    I am Mr.( SULEMAN MOHMADU) the director in charge of auditing and
    section of (B.O.A)Bank of Africa Ouagadougou Burkina-faso in West Africa
    with due respect and regard. I have decided to contact you on a
    transaction that will be very beneficial to both of us at the end of

    During our investigation and auditing in this bank, my department came
    across a very huge sum of money belonging to a deceased person who died
    31st October 1999 in a plane crash and the fund has been dormant in his
    account with this Bank without any claim of the fund in our custody
    from his family or relation before our discovery to this development.

    Although personally, I keep this information secret within myself and
    partners to enable the whole plans and idea be Profitable and
    during the time of execution. The said amount was U.S $15M
    United States dollars). As it may interest you to know, I got your
    impressive information through the Bukinab chamber of commerce on
    business relations here in Ouaga. Burkina-faso.

    Meanwhile all the whole arrangement to put claim over this fund as the
    bonafide next of kin to the deceased, get the required approval and
    this money to a foreign account has been put in place and directives
    needed information will be relayed to you as soon as you indicate your
    interest and willingness to assist us and also benefit your self to
    great business opportunity.

    In fact I could have done this deal alone but because of my position in
    country as a civil servant(A Banker),we are not allowed to operate a
    account and would eventually raise an eye brow on my side during the
    time of
    transfer because I work in this bank.

    This is the actual reason why it will require a second party or fellow
    will forward claims as the next of kin with affidavit of trust of oath
    the Bank and also present a foreign account where he will need the
    money to
    be re-transferred into on his request as it may be after due
    and clarification by the correspondent branch of the bank where the
    money will be remitted from to your own designation bank account. I
    will not
    fail to inform you that this transaction is 100% risk free. On smooth
    conclusion of this transaction, you will be entitled to 30% of the
    total sum
    as gratification, while 5% will be set aside to take care of expenses
    may arise during the time of transfer and also telephone bills, while
    will be for me.

    Please, you have been adviced to keep "top secret" as I am still in
    and intend to retire from service after we conclude this deal with
    will be monitoring the whole situation here in this bank until you
    the money in your account and ask me to come down to your country for
    subsequent sharing of the fund according to percentages previously
    and further investment, either in your country or any country you
    advice us
    to invest in. All other necessary vital information will be sent to you
    I hear from you.

    Yours faithfully,

    Mr. Suleman mohamadu

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    Scam and/or money-laundering scheme

    I just received an e-mail offering me a part-time job "receiving checks" for Berry's Travel and tours, LTD, an Asian-based company. The email is in English except for the link, which is in Spanish, as is the entire web site. ???
    After receiving checks, I am supposed to "settle clients" ???. The web site address in my address line is : terra.es/correo/
    I've found out that the FBI isn't interested in scams until after you've been suckered and lost money. I forwarded a hot email (I saw it come in) for an African bank scam, with authorization to impersonate me to catch the con men before they could run, but they turned it down. Is any federal or state agency interested? Maybe a non-profit business group?

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    Romantic scam, single women attention !

    I met a man at a single website.

    I am a Christian woman and I am going to start my own church.
    I have written it at my profile.

    He was sending me a picture of a very handsome man but I thought the photo was taken like the stars get them taken or modeling.

    He said he agree with my believe and wanted to sponsor my church. He was working in Africa and lived at a hotel.

    He said he had sent me a check of sponsor-money.

    After 2 weeks of chat had he travel to England. Then he wrote me that he was robbed on the air-port. Next day had he gor a call from the hotel in Africa that he had not paid for the hotel.

    Now he couldn't get any money as he was robbed, he was stocked in England with no money.

    Now he started to ask me to loan him $450 and send them to the hotel in Africa.

    I said I had no money to loan him, then he said I should loan money from a friend, I said no.

    Then did he said that I could loan the money and because I should get his check and get the money back.

    Here I stopped the contact.

    First it sounded true but soon it become too much.

    I think this is one of the worse scam because it's about feelings. He is soooo romantic and then sooooooooo extremely good looking. It is hard to not be in love in him........first

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    srbag123 Guest

    $85 Offer Chloe Paddington with large lock handbag

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    Hardee's false Advertising the Burger Chef Big Shef

    Taken From:


    Here is the Email I sent to HARDEE'S management, along with THEIR RESPONSE I just recieved.

    It should be known, I am NOT, nor have I EVER been a Hardee's fan of any fashion.



    As I seen an advertisement for BURGER CHEF Big Chef Burgers in our local paper, my mouth began
    to water.

    So, I took my family to Hardee's for some BURGER CHEF Big Chef Sandwiches.

    I go to Hardee's less than once a year, as I don't like their hambugers/cheeseburgers.

    So Going to Hardee's was quite a shock to everyone.

    We Ordered Burger Chef Big Chef Sandwiches for everyone.

    What we got, was Double Cheeseburgers with a tiny bit of sauce on them. Just dabbing a bun with
    Big Chef sause about the size of a nickel is pretty chincy, even for Hardee's.

    Hardee's Should be ashamed of themselves for trying to pass these double cheeseburgers off as
    Big Chef's From Burger Chef.

    Big Chef Sandwiches have THREE (3) Layers of Bread, one on top, bottom, and one dividing the
    Hamburger slices.

    Big Chef Sandwiches are coated with Big Chef Sauce, and lots of Shredded lettuce.

    Big Chef Sandwiches are covered with Cheese on each piece of hamburger.


    If Hardee's is going to Advertise BURGER CHEF Sandwiches, AT LEAST, MAKE THEM LIKE THEY WERE

    Out of the 9 "Burger Chef, Big Chef Burgers" that we ordered, ONE actually had a sufficient
    amount of Big Chef Sauce on it.

    I DO Expect Hardee's to Make Burger Chef Burgers AS BURGER CHEF made them.

    Until that can happen, We wont be back to Hardee's for at least ANOTHER Year.

    Bring back the Burger Chef Sandwiches, THE WAY BURGER CHEF MADE THEM, and I'll find my way back
    to a Hardee's parking lot,

    Until that happens, forget it.



    Below is the Response From Hardee's

    Dear Mr. King:

    Thank you very much for taking the time to inform us of the experience you had at our restaurant
    in Kokomo, IN. We extend our most sincere apology to you for the unsatisfactory impression your
    visit left on you. We are very sorry.

    At Hardee's, we strive not only to provide a delicious meal with great guest service, but we
    also make every effort to create a safe, clean, and friendly dining experience. It is obvious
    from your comments that we have fallen short of the high standards we have set for ourselves.
    In failing to live up to our guests' expectations, we have not only tarnished our reputation,
    but more importantly, we are in danger of losing an important guest.

    I assure you that every effort is being made to correct this situation. I have contacted the
    District Manager regarding your experience.

    I would like to invite you to try us again, on us! I am mailing you some Second Chance coupons
    good for either a free 1/3 lb. Thickburger or a Chicken Sandwich. I know there is really
    nothing that can excuse or make up for the situation you described, but we would love the chance
    to regain your trust.

    I appreciate the time you have taken to express your concerns. It gives us the chance to learn
    where we need improvement. It also allows us to resolve any problems that may arise from time
    to time. Guests like you, who make us aware of these problems, are our most valued guests and
    we would hate to lose you.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call (877) 799-STAR.


    Hardee's Guest Response
    On the Web at www.hardees.com

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    Access Adventure Travel Scams

    Welcome to Access Scams - the purpose of this website is to make public the SCAM that ACCESSTRIPS.COM is making with everybody that wants to work for them developing a tour. I developed a tour for them and I was promised high commissions and other rewards, as well as the job of leading my tours. None of these happened, they have my tour well developed to use and make money I have had NOTHING at all for my job, they suddenly stopped contact and did not respond to my requests, and finally, I don't even have credit for the tour, the ideas, the information and the effort put to develop the tour, which will generate high revenue for Access Trips.

    Please don't let others to fall in the trap and send a link of this site to your friends, don't let this company to play with people with impunity. Thank you for your help.

    Check out more at accesstripscam.tk

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    Access Adventure Travel Scams

    Welcome to Access Scams - the purpose of this website is to make public the SCAM that ACCESSTRIPS.COM is making with everybody that wants to work for them developing a tour. I developed a tour for them and I was promised high commissions and other rewards, as well as the job of leading my tours. None of these happened, they have my tour well developed to use and make money I have had NOTHING at all for my job, they suddenly stopped contact and did not respond to my requests, and finally, I don't even have credit for the tour, the ideas, the information and the effort put to develop the tour, which will generate high revenue for Access Trips.

    Please don't let others to fall in the trap and send a link of this site to your friends, don't let this company to play with people with impunity. Thank you for your help.

    Check out more at Access Scams

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    Get Your Bottle RISK-FREE NOW! (GREEN TEA 500) It's sent to your email. All you pay for is for shipping of $4.97. Sounds like a good? Yeah, it does. You're in for it if you fall for this scam. This company is a FAKE!!! Once order, they'll confirm that your free sample will be shipped within one business day. LAIR, it's been almost two weeks my sister and I have not received my free sample. Did I forget to mention that it also has a 14-day trail peroid starting on the day the free sample has been order? Well, it's true. Who would start charging once the order has been placed? I have never encounter anything like this before. I tried calling, no pick up. Then, I decided to do a little research myself and came across a few people who had been ripped off from this company. I'm glad I did or I would still be sitting here and waiting for my bottle. Check it out yourself. This BodyFitPro Company located in Las Vegas, NV is a FAKE!!!

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    Half Priced Mags

    Has anyone heard of this company or ordered magazines from them? I ordered about $200 worth of magazines from them in October of last year for Christmas presents for family members and they still have not received them and it is now almost July. I don't know what I should do next. I have contacted them several times by email because I cannot find a phone number to call them. Can anyone help me with this?

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    Aquativa Water for life Bradley

    Aquativa is the biggest scam EVER! They sell water softeners basically. They take you in and tell you that you'll get a certain number of referrals from them once you start working for them. BS. No way. Then they tell you to go out and knock on door and that for every 6th water sample you get, you will get a demo and every fourth demo sells. Once again, BS. They screwed me big time. Anyway, don't buy it. They have offices in Bradley, IL (it's their main office, near Kankakee, 60 mi south of the Chi), TX, NJ, IN, PA. The one credit I'll give-they paid 8 bucks an hour during training and their checks didn't bounce for me. I've heard they have for other people. BEWARE

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    MCG-Group = Moneylight

    Same solicitation and the the link provided takes you to Moneylight page

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