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    At Home Publishing and United Work at Home Publishing

    For the one who said he or she had a cousin that worked at home for a legitimate company stuffing envelopes, referr that name back to me since it's not a scam! It should be at least one trustworthy business opportunity out there!

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    Re: At Home Publishing and United Work at Home Pub

    I would also like to have the name of the company that is actually legitamite i think i spelled taht wrong, anyway . I am really tire d of these scams I have almost been arrested tring to beleave that something good could actually be true. I would love to be able to go out of the home and get a job but unfortuantely that is'nt an option, I have a husband at home who has alzhiemiers and a developmentally disabled niece that I am raising because my sister died a year ago. So see for those of you that rise to the challenge of being able to go out and get a real job as you so polietly put it, I am happy that you can , but sometimes life kicks us a few curbs and we don't all have the freedom to be able to do what we would like to but would love to be able to find away to survive and make a living without being given another curb to ride out. I don't understand what drives a person to uphold a company and try to justify that same company with more lies, it must be nice for those upholding united work at home publishing to drive thier fancy cars and live in thier nice houses and still sleep at night while ripping and scamming others who don't have much at all, United my **ss.

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    Re: At Home Publishing and United Work at Home Pub

    Over the years I have looked into stuffing envelope jobs and have always turned up empty handed on finding something that was legit opportunity.

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