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    usana never trust i'm!

    Pyramid Scheme Alert offers information about the deception and harm of multi-level marketing (MLM) pyramid schemes. We enable consumers to identify, avoid or escape pyramid scams. Hundreds of MLM scams operate openly. 99% of all consumers who join the schemes never earn a profit. Many suffer devastating financial losses. Only the top perpetrators make money -- off the losses of all the others.
    State and federal Govt officials receive millions in campaign contributions from product based pyramid scheme companies and lobby groups. PSA has been formed to counter this imbalance at the national and state level, and to educate consumers directly of the fraud and abuse of MLM. If you want to do something to help others from falling into the trap of MLM, educate yourself with our resources and consider supporting PSA.

    pyramide shema


    eigthy sevent persent of associate loose money on usana

    look all the video:

    (fraud discovery video)
    others web site:fraud discovery

    check the pdf on it......
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