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    Worldwide Mortgage Co.

    Has anyone ever heard of Worldwide Mortgage Co out of Dallas? We are searching for the right lender so that we can buy a new home...but we have awful credit, we actually have a foreclosure on our credit. They seem to think they can pull it off, but I want to be very cautious before I give them any personal information. Can anyone help me determine whether or not they are legitimate?

    Also, I googled the company and the mortgage broker and didn't find anything incriminating and I also checked them out with the Better Business Bureau and found nothing. Any other suggestions?

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    Re: Worldwide Mortgage Co.

    If you have lousy credit and a foreclosure to your name you have no business buying another home until you clean up your finances (NOT your credit score, your finances).

    Borrowing money at subprime rates is a sucker's game. You end up paying 30-40% more for your house thanks to the much higher interest rate and your desperation often gets you into a loan that either is unaffordable or quickly will become unaffordable.

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