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    Remember, The Surge is Working

    The United States is arming the enemy, why not Iran too? Neither government gives a rip about the lives of our soldiers.
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    Iran-Supplied Bomb Is Killing More Troops in Iraq, U.S. Says
    Published: August 8, 2007

    BAGHDAD, Aug. 7 — Attacks on American-led forces using a lethal type of roadside bomb said to be supplied by Iran reached a new high in July, according to the American military.

    The devices, known as explosively formed penetrators, were used to carry out 99 attacks last month and accounted for a third of the combat deaths suffered by the American-led forces, according to American military officials.

    “July was an all-time high,” Lt. Gen. Raymond T. Odierno, the No. 2 commander in Iraq, said in an interview, referring to strikes with such devices.

    Such bombs, which fire a semi-molten copper slug that can penetrate the armor on a Humvee and are among the deadliest weapons used against American forces, are used almost exclusively by Shiite militants. American intelligence officials have presented evidence that the weapons come from the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in Iran, although Tehran has repeatedly denied providing lethal assistance to Iraqi groups.

    In recent weeks, the American military has focused on mounting operations in sanctuaries used by Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia, a Sunni group that is predominately made up of Iraqis but has foreign leadership. But, as the information provided by General Odierno shows, Shiite militias remain a major long-term worry.

    In focusing on Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia, the American goal is to reduce the number of car bombings and spectacular suicide attacks that have aggravated sectarian tensions, encouraged Shiite retaliation and undermined efforts at political reconciliation.

    While the group is seen by the American military as the most serious near-term threat, there are other signs that Shiite militias remain active. According to General Odierno, the day-to-day commander of American troops in Iraq, Shiite militants carried out 73 percent of the attacks that killed or wounded American troops in Baghdad in July.

    Though explosively formed penetrators account for a small fraction of roadside bomb attacks in Iraq, they cause a disproportionately large number of casualties.

    Of the 69 members of the American-led forces killed in action in July, the lowest toll in months, 23 died as a result of attacks with the devices, according to data supplied by General Odierno’s command. Of the 614 allied troops who were wounded that month, 89 were hit in penetrator attacks.

    Penetrator attacks have been a worry for years. In 2005, the United States sent a private diplomatic protest to Tehran complaining that its Revolutionary Guards and the Iranian-backed Hezbollah had been training Iraqi Shiite insurgents in Iran and providing them with bomb-making equipment.

    American intelligence says that its report of Iranian involvement is based on a technical analysis of exploded and captured devices, interrogations of Shiite militants, the interdiction of trucks near Iran’s border with Iraq and parallels between the use of the weapons in Iran and in southern Lebanon by Hezbollah.

    Some critics of Bush administration policy, saying there is no proof that the top echelons of Iran’s government are involved, accuse the White House of exaggerating the role of Iran and Syria to divert attention from its own mistakes.

    According to American military data, penetrator attacks accounted for 18 percent of combat deaths of Americans and allied troops in Iraq in the last quarter of 2006. The number of such attacks declined in January, and some American officials thought at that time that this might be a response to their efforts to publicly highlight the allegations of an Iranian role.

    But in recent months such attacks have risen steadily.

    The July figure is roughly double the number for January. The total for July is also 50 percent higher than in April, when there were 65 penetrator attacks, according to American military officials.

    Many of the penetrators faced by American forces are difficult to counter. Because they fire from the side of the road, the militants do not need to dig a hole to plant them, making them well suited for urban use. Because they are set off by a passive infrared sensor, they cannot be thwarted by electronic jamming.

    General Odierno said Iran was increasing its support to Shiite militants in Iraq to step up the military pressure on the United States at a time when the Congress is debating whether to withdraw American troops.

    “I think it is because the Iranians are surging support to the special groups,” he said, referring to the American name for Iranian-backed cells here. “Over the last three to four months, it has picked up in ter.ms of equipment, training and dollars.”

    “I think they want to influence the decision potentially coming up in September,” he added.

    General Odierno said Iranians had also provided Shiite groups with 107-millimeter rockets and the launchers for firing them, as well as 122-millimeter mortars.

    American forces, he said, recently thwarted an attack at a military base used by forces from the Third Infantry Division. Fifty launchers equipped with rockets were discovered within range of the facility and struck by allied aircraft. Serial numbers taken from the rocket launchers, he said, indicated that they were made in Iran.

    Iranian and American diplomats held talks in Baghdad on Monday on security in Iraq. Ryan C. Crocker, the American envoy in Iraq who led the discussions for the United States, said there had been “an escalation, not a de-escalation” of Iran’s support for militias in Iraq since an earlier May meeting.

    The Iranians, Mr. Crocker added, maintained their position that they had “absolutely nothing to do with” the attacks.

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    Re: Remember, The Surge is Working

    If you think our losses are bad...


    BAGHDAD — Coalition forces killed eight terrorists and detained 14 suspected terrorists during coordinated operations targeting a senior al-Qaeda leader west of Tarmiyah over the past two days.


    Surveillance indicated the senior leader and his associates had entered a building in a remote area. Coalition forces declared the target hostile and called in an air strike. Secondary explosions ignited after the initial strike, indicating there were explosives inside. Forces assess five terrorists were killed in the strike.

    When ground forces approached the site to assess damage, a terrorist engaged them with small-arms fire. Countering in self-defense, forces returned fire and killed the armed man. The ground forces resumed their approach to the building but discovered multiple fighting positions, heavy machine guns, booby traps and vehicles wired with explosives. Coalition forces evacuated the area and called in air assets to destroy the enemy weapons.

    Acting on intelligence gained from yesterday’s operation, Coalition forces conducted additional coordinated raids in the area this morning. During the first of those, forces used explosives to breach a door and enter a targeted building. A woman standing behind the door was killed in the explosion. Iraqis on the scene told Coalition forces her husband had told her to block the door from the Americans.

    As ground forces secured the building, one man was discovered concealing himself in another room, armed with grenades and a rifle aimed at the assault force. Coalition forces engaged the armed man and killed him. As they secured additional buildings on the scene, a man rushed to a window and attempted to pull a rifle from behind the curtains. Forces reacted to the hostile threat by engaging the man and killing him.

    During a raid on another building, ground forces brought the occupants of a building outside to secure the area. One man, after previously being compliant, turned and rushed back into the building. Coalition forces, perceiving a hostile threat, engaged the man and wounded him. He was treated on site and taken to a military medical facility for further treatment. He and six other suspected terrorists were detained during the raid.

    Coalition forces detained three more suspected terrorists during raids on four more buildings in the area.

    "Taking down the bombing network in Baghdad is a top priority for us," said U.S. Army Lt. Col. Christopher Garver, a Multi-National Force-Iraq spokesman. "We will continue targeting the leaders who coordinate and execute murderous attacks on the Iraqi people."


    August 7, 2007

    KALSU, Iraq — Iraqi Security Forces and Paratroopers captured a suspected al-Qaeda terrorist wanted for a string of attacks against the security forces and citizens in North Babil during Operation Marne Avalanche, August 5.

    The Iraqi Army, police and Paratroopers [more] conducted an early morning raid in Snadeej near Jurf As Sukhr to capture the suspected insurgent.

    “More than 50 IPs, 20 IA soldiers and 50 paratroopers participated in the operation,” said Capt. Henry Moltz, commander of Company A and Midlothian, Texas native. “The populace was very receptive to the ISF-led operation and a local source pointed the man out to us.”

    Thanks to joint operations like this one, the Jurf As Sukhr area is on the road to security and stability, Moltz said

    “This operation marks 50 days in Jurf As Sukhr with no attacks, as compared to six months ago when there was at least one attack every day,” Moltz said. “The drop in violence is a testament to the Paratroopers and Iraqi Security Forces who have embraced the Joint Security Station concept and who have trained and fought side by side.”

    The JSS isn’t the only key to success in the area. According to the soldiers and Paratroopers who work in the region, citizens are a big factor in their success.

    “The people in Snadeej and Jurf are tired of violence,” said Moltz. “They are tired of being scared. They want a better life.”

    During Operation Marne Avalanche, the Paratroopers of the 4th Brigade have killed 16 insurgents, conducted numerous precision raids, captured more than 110 insurgents including eight cell leaders and other high value individuals.


    August 7, 2007

    KALSU, Iraq – Paratroopers captured a suspected rogue Jaish Al Mahdi (JAM) militia company commander wanted for a string of attacks using explosively formed projectiles, murder and intimidation against citizens in North Babil during Operation Marne Avalanche, August 5.

    Paratroopers from 1st Battalion, 501st Airborne, 4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25th Infantry Division, conducted an early morning raid in Musiyyib to capture the suspected cell leader. They also detained five suspected members of his ring.


    August 8, 2007

    FALLUJAH –– Iraqi Army Scouts and U.S. Special Operations Forces conducted a series of targeted raids in Western Iraq Aug. 5, resulting in the detainment of an individual allegedly responsible for running an extortion network.

    With U.S. Special Operation Forces present as advisers, Iraqi Soldiers raided a residence and office in the vicinity of Rawah and detained their primary suspect without incident. Several bags and boxes of paper documents, computer equipment and compact discs were also seized during the operation.

    The detained individual was allegedly engaged in extorting money from local contractors and using those funds to finance al Qaeda in Iraq activities. He is also accused of paying insurgents significant sums of money from construction project contracts he has been awarded in the Rawah area.


    Aug. 8, 2007
    Release A070808b

    BAGHDAD, Iraq – Iraqi and Coalition Forces killed 30 Special Groups Cell terrorists and detained 12 suspected terrorists during operations Wednesday in Sadr City.

    The individuals detained and the terrorists killed during the raid are believed to be members of a cell of a Special Groups terrorist network known for facilitating the transport of weapons and explosively formed penetrators, or EFPs, from Iran to Iraq, as well as bringing militants from Iraq into Iran for terrorist training.

    As Iraqi and Coalition Forces approached the objective location, they observed two armed men in tactical fighting positions assessed to be early warning operatives for the individual targeted in the operation. Responding appropriately to the immediate threat, ground forces engaged the two armed men, killing them. While in the objective area, ground forces raided a concentration of buildings and detained 12 suspected Special Groups Cell terrorists. Ground forces received sporadic small arms fire throughout the course of the operation.

    During the course of the operation, the assault force and the overhead aerial support observed a vehicle and large group of armed men on foot attempting an assault on the ground forces. Responding appropriately to the threat of the organized terrorist force, close air support was called and engaged the terrorist vehicle and organized terrorist force, killing an estimated 30 terrorists.

    Building upon a series of coordinated operations efforts that began with the raid in al Amarah in June, Coalition Forces continue to attack the supply chain of illicit materials being shipped from Iran. Intelligence reports indicate that the targeted individual in last night’s raid acts as a proxy between the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps-Quds Force and the Iraqi EFP network. Reports also indicate that he assists with the facilitation of weapons and EFP shipments into Iraq as well as the transfer of militant extremists to Iran for training.



    Aug. 8, 2007
    Release A070808a

    Six suspected terrorists detained, one terrorist killed in Coalition raids

    BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition Forces detained six suspected terrorists and killed one terrorist during operations Tuesday and Wednesday targeting al-Qaeda in Iraq and its associates in central Baghdad and Kirkuk.

    Northeast of Samarra, Coalition Forces detained three suspected terrorists during a precision raid Tuesday. The targeted individual of the raid was the al-Qaeda in Iraq military emir of Samarra. The three individuals were detained for their association with the targeted al-Qaeda in Iraq emir.

    During an early morning raid north of Tikrit Wednesday, Coalition Forces detained two suspected terrorists for their ties to an al-Qaeda in Iraq key leader. Intelligence reports indicate that the targeted individual of the Wednesday raid is a key al-Qaeda in Iraq leader in Bayji who oversees a cell of approximately 400 terrorists and is linked to numerous attacks on Coalition Forces.

    Iraqi and Coalition Forces targeted an al-Qaeda in Iraq Mosul-based emir who assists with terrorist operations in Kirkuk Wednesday morning. While Coalition Forces were on the targeted location two individuals were observed rapidly maneuvering towards the assault force providing perimeter security on the target. Responding appropriately to the immediate threat, Coalition Forces engaged the two men, wounding both. Both individuals were taken to a military medical facility for treatment where one later died. The terrorist who later died at the military medical facility was positively identified as the targeted individual.

    “Our operations targeting al-Qaeda in Iraq are progressively dismantling and destroying the terrorist network,” said Lt. Col. Christopher Garver, MNF-I spokesperson. "We will continue to attack al-Qaeda at the current fast and steady pace."

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    Re: Remember, The Surge is Working

    We've killed 60 of theirs by your reports and they have killed 69 of ours and wounded 614 of our allies. We have a large army and they fight in small cells.


    Ya, we are kicking butt over there, I can see that now. :rolleyes:

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    Re: Remember, The Surge is Working

    must be fuzzy math.

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    Re: Remember, The Surge is Working

    Who really cares, according to Tony Snow and the president those are just numbers, they (our dead troops) mean nothing???

    I'm sure they will set us straight in a few weeks as to what is relevant?

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    Re: Remember, The Surge is Working

    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Sixpack
    Who really cares, according to Tony Snow and the president those are just numbers, they (our dead troops) mean nothing???

    I'm sure they will set us straight in a few weeks as to what is relevant?

    Yeah, and let's not forget numbers like $12 Billion Dollars per month being flushed down the toilet while billions of dollars and huge caches of weapons go missing. Also, there's over 1069 US War Profiteer (contractors) fatalities that have been reported as part of the overall statistics.

    It's a funny thing. All of the inveterate War Addicts, like Bonehead, who loiter around here pasting their paeans to Israel and The Bush Crime Gang invariably adhere to the same identical pattern: Use bogus statistics and sophistry to advocate for continuing the death, destruction, expense and hatred directed towards America bogged down in the Iraq-Nam quagmire while leaping to the defense of Israel at the slightest hint of sympathy for the Zio-Nazi's ethnic cleansing victims. Yep..It's a pretty obvious pattern. No doubt about it.
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