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Thread: viruses?

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    Has anyone ever run into trouble contracting viruses or other bugs from joining any of these work-at-home programs?

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    Re: viruses?

    No, more legit companies do not have viruses/spyware on their website

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    Re: viruses?

    Quote Originally Posted by Fortunate Cookie
    Has anyone ever run into trouble contracting viruses or other bugs from joining any of these work-at-home programs?

    Yes I have, it took almost a week to get rid of the Trojan and a load of Adware.Thanks to Microsoft.

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    Re: viruses?


    About a month ago I downloaded a subliminal desktop program. I just wanted to try them out and it was free. I am not saying they are responsible for what happen, but the trouble started with my computer a couple of weeks after I downloaded the program. I have had my computer since 2004 and the majority of the programs have been on my computer for at least 2 years.

    Anyway, I have McAfee Security Center so I figured....ok, I will download this program and the Security Center would alert me if there was a problem.

    Well about 2 weeks ago, my computer started slowing down to a CRAWL. It took me a looong time to log on, go to different websites and so on.

    I emailed the company and told them since I downloaded their program my computer has been running extremely slow. They assured me their program was safe to use, blah, blah, blah.

    I have AOL. I went to log in one day and all I see is a blue screen with an error message saying Windows has shut down to keep a serious problem from disabling my computer.

    The end result was.....I had to have ALL my programs wiped out because the Dell techs could not locate the source of the problem. The computer disks I received when I first got the computer had to be downloaded to re-install the drivers. Then I had to call AOL and have them walk me through their process to get connected to them so I could log in and use the Internet.

    Dealing with Dell was an experience all by itself. Dell outsource to India and I could barely understand what they were saying, let alone trying to follow instructions over the phone. After screaming and telling them to get someone I could understand I finally got a tech who spoke English very well and they finally got me back online (after 2 weeks, and about 2 hours on the telephone each time I called).

    I am 100% sure the subliminal program was the culprit.

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