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    Is TheRichDude Scam?

    Everywhere you go there's an ad for "the rich dude"

    when you go to this site (don't do it)


    Cookie load with images. The rich dude is a scam!

    The rich dude is loading tracking cookies onto any persons browser who visits. If you order a product after going to "the rich dude" site, same jerks that created the rich jerk most likely, you should run spyware removers!

    The rich dude is even advertising here in this scam forum!

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    Re: Is TheRichDude Scam?

    it adsense ads. Scam can disab le this advertiser if they like. Presumably he pays well. And actually, no one from this site will buy his crappy product, so that 'ad' is actually a 'tax' on him.

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