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    Googles Black Book

    Has anyone seen this website, it looks like all the rest. I was just wondering if anyone has any idea if this is another scam or possible legitimate. Sorry, www.googlesblackbook.com
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    Re: Googles Black Book

    What is the url of the website

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    Re: Googles Black Book

    Please be quick... and don't miss out on the discount... before I have to increase the price! Only $197.00 $97.00 $77.00... TODAY! If you leave this website and come back later, don't be disappointed if you see the price raised back to $197 and all the master resale packages removed.
    First. Do not be quick. This is usual marketing hype. It will be $77.00 or lower for a long, long time.

    Second. Master resale packages part. If they offer "Master resale rights" than do not expect any revelation from ebook. They will tell you to resell their ebook/software and thats it. So you will pay to become their affiliate.

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    Re: Googles Black Book

    what a crock. If He REALLY knew how google decided what went high up in the serps, he'd be richer than Bill Gates.

    And hge certainly wouldnt need to beg for a few bucks from newbies. Because that's what that page is - a begging letter

    Like a tramp bothering you at an outdoor cafe. "Gimme some change buddy".

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    Re: Googles Black Book

    I never heard of Jackie? It looks like another scam to me for 100 different reasons!

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