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    did you think that big bad illuminati who plan everything for decades, even centuries have overlooked the possibility that there will be conspiracy researchers who would challenge them on internet that they so kindly gave to us?
    don't you think that they would plant their own people?

    they have had no choice but to allow the Internet,... they cant stop everything you know, thats why they want to impose the NWO...so they can.....
    may i point you to DARPA logo,so that you can understand the game a bit better?

    what does it say in English?
    what does it say in Latin?
    add those 2 together

    and, have you wondered WHY there is no organized resistance to NWO plans?

    "judge the tree by its fruit"

    people like Crowley can be seen as evil by many.... but most of what he said was humour.... if anything the only thing he was guilty of was being so aloof and disrespectfull to the ignorent .... he simply did not care that people thought he was a satanist... when in reality he was basilcy the words first rock star...

    when he said stuff like "I sacrificed thousands of babies" ...he found it very funny as when the church reacted in up roar they were so wound up they did not even know that he was infact refuring to having a wank...

    now he was no angel and certainly had his bad points... but he was also very spirituel and understood that he created his own life and no Christian who is getting him wrong can create it for him.... so he simply did not care and enjoyed playing with them and watching them react to him.... like toys...

    this is one thing I would like to question David Icke about.... While it was clear Crowley was not an angel.... he was extremely spiritual ..understood about the ego, understood about creating your reality and about how clueless the masses where.... "The week and the vulgar"...( a few of those on the old icke forum)

    the main thing I don't like about Crowley is that he seemed to focus more on playing games with the masses... rather than try to educate them ...but looking at some of the narrow minded sheep nowadays, you cant blame him for not giving a damn about them....

    I think one thing people over look about Crowley is the pure sense of hummer aspect.... and the pure pleasure in shocking people and seeing the over reactions.

    for someone who wanted "a world where all are free with no restrictions and no boundaries" and is branded a devil worshiper.... well that just raises questions about devil worshiping...

    I think in many cases its miss understanding "devil worshiping", who knows what the devil is anyway?

    just because a group of arse holes worship an ikon and use it for their advantage.... it does not mean the ikon is evil.... just being used by some for evil.

    the freemasons hated Crowley because he exposed so much of there secrets.... he was not on anyones side, he was on his own ride and did not care what people thought, infact he got off on people thinking he was a devil worshipper...

    I see that a little in tsarion... i dont think he cares that some view him as a satanist...or what ever...

    you dont create "positive" energy by banning "negative".... you learn how to deal with negative to create your positive....

    not all negative energy is "evil" as we view it...

    for example .... you could imagin in your head stabbing someone to death in great detail.... imagin being the killer your self ..... imagin enjoying it and praying to satan afterwards.... imagin licking the blood off the knife....

    ok after imagining that ar you evil? ...or creative? ..i could make a song or paint a picture about it.... would that picture be evil? .... it could be buetifull...the expresion of negative energy and the sadistic nature of it... but it is not a choice of action...it is not what i have decided to inflict on anyone...its simply a creation within my head of negative energy being created...

    many religions would see this as evil and satanic.... when in reality its not, its art.

    If you hear about a man that was stabbed to death at a tube station.... a religious view would be to cower and greeve at the news.... hence kneeling at the feet of the killer, ...... why not laugh at how stupid it was to do that..... it should be understood automatically that you are not laughing at the creation of pain.... but at the stupidity of the hole thing.....

    this kind of thing is where I think religion goes wrong.... you are un able to use your own morals and then be free.... your reasons are monitored and there is no freedom .... so there can be no true positive energy created from it because you are only "being good" because your not allowed to be bad.... not because you UNDERSTAND that being bad is not in your over all interests...

    And, interestingly, Maxwel and Tsarion do not mention new science, the true religion that we really need to fear, with scalars, chemtrails, GWEN/Cell/Tetra towers.
    See where I am going?
    Those are the major issues, major changes that affect us now and that will affect future of humanity. Why the **** do I care if Akenathon has done this or that?
    But, i do care about above mentioned changes and oppression and loss of freedom that is happening NOW.

    Their (elite) dream world is one of violence, conflict and scarcity.
    They have dragged most of us into it. Into their timeline.

    We have absorbed their belief implants, unconsciously make them
    our own and now...by default, we are creating their
    version of the dream.

    Most of us now believe that this is all there is.

    A five-sense prison.

    We live. We die and that's the end.

    A perfect belief patterns to
    create waves and waves of hopeless fear and apathy in most

    Fear and apathy: The Energy that nourishes them.

    Fear attracts the fearful, the strong, the weak, the innocent. Fear is my ally.
    Darth Maul

    They are literally addicted to this fear. Don't believe this?

    Ask any gang leader. ( went to school with one) They are
    addicted to the fear - to the pure SMELL of fear that they cause
    in people. They get off on torturing a person.

    Mybe it is the chemicals people give off when they
    experience pure fear

    And the elite; With this belief system in place: born, live, die-
    meaningless VOID no wonder most people wonder: Why bother?
    Why bother? What is the point?

    And so we all do nothing.

    These beliefs patterns are the core of their power.

    Going on demo, writing letters, researching - all fine and good - but
    unless we go to the power source that makes most people not
    bother - nothing will ever change.

    That's the knowledge that the elite want kept secret.

    That reality is NOT fixed.

    That we are FREE to enjoy whatever reality we want.

    That we don't live in a fixed five-sense prison - but
    in a living, teeming multi-universe - RIGHT NOW.

    That death is not the end. Just one movement from one
    dimension of awareness to another.

    And the Elite KNOW all this.

    Look, reading in today's paper, Rupert Murdoch, owner of News
    International, the world largest communication company
    is fighting to take over the the world's mayor financial publishing

    The man is nearly 85!

    People say: Why is he bothering?
    What motivates him?

    Maybe Rupert KNOWS more than we do.

    Maybe he knows he's not really going anywhere, vastly different
    when he dies.

    A dimension quite close to this? Where he can still communicate
    with similar - minded people as they complete their centuries-old
    goal of building certain key organizations.

    The NWO plan actually came from an ancient agenda one that was setup for the benifit of mankind and the earth but did some thing go wrong and corrupted that plan (like how the sith took power and corrupted the republic)?

    So instead of enlightened leaders ruling us we have the corrupt elite/filth?
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    The internet is the last light of truth and hope...it is truly of the people, by the people and for the people. We must not let it be subverted for any purpose other than the truth. And that truth shall spread to every man woman and child across the globe. No longer will those in power carry the sole means to decide for us, yet we now shall have the power to decide to tune them out.

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    Re: Onenesss

    the elite are attacking and always have been attacking that state of consciousness for as long as we can remember.... but today Christianity is not all about putting your hands together and connecting with the god inside us all... and connecting with the light of Christ..... Christianity never started out as a "religion" it was simply an understanding... not need to impose it... it was just there...

    Now its about following a religion... a group.... a set of guide lines...

    So if you see someone in great power in a suit- they are a slave. If you see someone in great power WITHOUT a suit... then you make your own judgement as to who or what they may be.

    But something very important and potent to remember, is that ultimately a SLAVE is also an ENSLAVER. We do it to ourselves everyday. We feel trapped, stuck, out-of-control with what is going on internally and externally, feeling as though we can't do anything to SAVE the WORLD... but while we are doing this we are acting as a SLAVE. A slave to the conditioned mind and therefore we become the enslaver of ourselves.

    While we do this, it is reflected in the external world around us in events, situations, places, people...

    We need to free OURSELVES first before the World can be free and finally see Peace.

    There would be nothing wrong with a One World belief that we are all One and part of the same though would there?

    This is what is happening already and people are waking up to their One-ness.

    The whole New World Order thing is going to backfire (if that's the right word) and people will be joined in a New World of Peace and Love.

    The New World Order will be the order of Love but it must be allowed to run its course without resistance and with acceptance of what is neccesary in order to remember who we are and why we are on this Planet...

    Welcome to the beginning of the end. The dream of John Lennon and likes. I value individuality above oness. Collectivism, Democracy and the idea of "One-ness" go hand in hand. All dictate, whether explicitly or implicidly, that if you don't go with the flow... there's something wrong with you... and eventually you are to be dealt with.
    You see, the police out there on the streets they think that they act out of love. The think they know what is best for you, and because they "love" you... they will restrain you. Same goes for politicians, same goes for anyone. There will be no order in this world unless you will learn to respect individuality above One-ness. Individuality lies with choice. We will never be making same choices... it's impossible. We are individuals first and foremost.

    The control only kicks in when you erase the individuality factor and kick in some other larger than life one. Then you can push such ideas a patriotic war, communism, socialism, democratic capitalism. Individuality is the greatest gift that you have. Don't give it up so easily just because there are John Lennons running around and saying that One-ness is a ultimate solution.
    Thank of what has happened in past century. Everything is a collective mind. Everybody thinks in somebody else's thoughts. Public education, patriotic rants, religious affiliations, political parties, citizenship and fighting for freedom. You have to belong to some group to be somebody. If you don't have a birth certificate, driver's license, SS# or 1020 return... you are a nobody. You ave no rights other than what the majority gives you. That's the One-ness that is being pushed forward.

    THink about it. When you are born into this world you are fingerprinted, registrated, educated, clothed and indoctrinated without questions. You are automatically labeled a citizen of a country you are to pay taxes to without your concent. You learn and intake information you can't verify and you are indoctrinated without your concent. You have no intrisic rights, as you are told. The only rights you have is that which mob gives you. Why? Because they say that individuality is a dangerous concept. You are unpredictable if you active on your own.

    We get used to such concepts, and we identify ourselves as citizens of such and such country, graduates of such and such school, and workers of such and such corporation. So the countries in effect are nothing more than giant corporations. It's always us against them. We won this ballgame, we kicked the **** out of you in this war. That's why it's so easy to control the "we" mentality. All you have to do is to pander to it. Just say "we" and "us" and "them", instead of I and You.

    See, true freedom means to be able to do what you want within limits of natural law. I should be able to travel from place to place uninterrupted, just as animals do. Nobody is stopping ducks and asking them for their passports or IDs when they migrate and fly. I know you think the thought of it is preposterous, but we do treat people worse than animals. Why? We are told that it's for our "safety". So the concept not new to anybody. Safety above individual freedom. The concept of freedom that we have, is a concept of collective freedom. Collectively we are free because we are told that we are. Nobody ever defines freedom. It's just an abstract concept. I grew up under communism regime, and I thought we were free. I moved to US and thought that I was free. But it's funny how Jean Jacques Rousseau could not be more true on the chain's part. It does not matter who you are. We are not free. Nowhere in this world you will be free, unless you dismantle the idea of collectivism

    It's easy to control people who think they are "one". It's much harder to do with individuals. I respect Icke for making this point clear, although he does contradict himself in the end of his lectures.
    Oneness is NOT collectivism: that is a perverted understanding

    What Oneness IS is basic psychological health, as enjoyed by all through the majority of human history: its only in the last 7000 years that mankind has become destructuve, and its all through the delusion of the ego, that sees itself as intrinsically seperate from everything else... and thus set above it: which is why we are destroying our own ability to survive as a species

    Onenesss is recognising the innate commonality of the Soul:

    And it is from the Soul that ALL rights derive: not from the law, not from the system, and not from peices of paper
    .e. you are one with the environment, you are essentially the same thing... big broken down conciousness that we are. Our individuality is essentially a multiple personality disorder and our goal is to eventually to get back to that one brain.
    Soul is very concept abstract also. What is it? What I believe the soul to be... is the whole human being when he is alive. We are a living soul. Dead body is not a living soul. Can soul die? I don't know. I have not experienced death, and I have not met anybody who did and survived, hehe. Clinical death is no death... it's just temporary state of mental absence. Hallucinations are common in such cases. I've had out of body dreams, which I don't perceive as out of body experiences. But then again, I don't know. Although I agree that there is nothing wrong with way of viewing Oneness... the idea of Oneness is an abstract one. Anybody describe it in very abstract terms... just like freedom. We are one.... No we are not . If you are speaking about the commonality of the Soul, then it's not one-ness... it's commonality. Just because we have something in common and came from the same source, does not mean we are same entity. And that's the idea which is misused today alot... no matter who you are.

    Also... where do you find the idea of human goodness and lack of destructiveness 7000+ years ago? Rise and fall of civilizations is a proof of self-destructive decay IMO.
    If ever NWO succeeds, how would it last more than a few years or decades? It couldnt. The human mind, in my oponion, cant be kept in something that is unreal for that long periods of time. This much centralised power would cause us to, maybe stop believing in centralised control and find a new way of having our social networks on a systematic level in real life. Maybe a peacefull sort of anarchy?

    Much Love
    The internet is the last light of truth and hope...it is truly of the people, by the people and for the people. We must not let it be subverted for any purpose other than the truth. And that truth shall spread to every man woman and child across the globe. No longer will those in power carry the sole means to decide for us, yet we now shall have the power to decide to tune them out.

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