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    Business Scam Expose!! What To Look For When Looking For Business Online

    Have anyone ever thought about what makes some individuals different from others in terms of financial achievements and accomplishments through advertising and internet based businesses. Is it because they are the fortunate ones who happen to stumble on money making secrets or been born with silver spoon in their mouths.
    We all see the power struggle going on around the world today for wealth and financial freedom on the advertising business both on the internet and the traditional sector. Some people go as far as forming a so called 'SYSTEM' which in some few cases works and in other cases an internet SCAM, which is one of the most fastest growing internet problems in the world along with identity theft. But have we ever stop to think why so much rush to the internet based business? What will happen to traditional jobs if all the jobs and businesses are on the internet. People will be held captive in their homes and still working long hours and may not have time for other activities around the house. For most people, been held captive at home on a computer outweighs commuting back and forth to traditional jobs, the chance of making more money are high. These are where the benefits of working your own hours in your own home are so enticing and also the reasons why people are rushing into this industry today.
    The predictions of the internet in the feature are not looking so bright like everyone thinks. Have we ever stop to think about personal in formations that will be made accessible to the public giving away privacy thereby creating paths for identity theft is already going on. What about scams? Business scam, people buying fake business plans and losing money through networking system; by bringing people to join the business and making profit sales from the product or materials the new converts buy. This is where everyone need to be on their gauds, when out looking for a business to start online. If you are not carefull and know what to look for, you might get burn.
    Everyone knows to own a business, one most have an investment and sacrifice some time- sometime longer than traditional job hours. But investing in the right business is where the problems lies; finding the right business on the internet to invest in. this is where you do research on companies and business on the net, and also look for something that you would love doing and enjoy doing it or you might just get sold on someone else ideas and fail while you try to make it work.
    You could get business ideas from free seminars, Google search engine, website building companies etc
    You might get lucky enough to find the right site and the right mentor to guide you through.
    Always avoid fraudulence sites, trust me you will know when you see one. They never really tell you what they do before they ask you for your credit card. It is you right to deny them that information you know.
    But here are some few suggestions:
    Never give out your information till you do research on the site.
    Make sure there is a written and sign statement of free trail or money back guarantee. Because the chance is that once you pay, you might not see your money back.
    Never give out your credit card number till you make sure the site is legitimate.
    Never reply email soliciting for foreign fund transfer
    Do not verify your personal information on an email you receiving asking you to.
    Do not sign up for anything you dont need.
    Dont pay anyone or buy a system that will not disclose what they do to make money or how they do business.
    Dread turn key systems, only few are legitimate.
    Makes sure to call the business center and speak with a live representative or get some physical address of you will be selling you anything on the internet.
    Finally be careful out there with ways of making money on the internet, you really would have been better of looking for a job than getting burn. Dont get me wrong there are still ways to make money on the internet. This is just a guide to help you look for a good deal and make money.

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    Robert Omogbai

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