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    New and confused~ what's 419 etc...

    Ok, even though I have been on the internet for sometime and tried a few different home based businesses in my lifetime that didn't go very far. I'm still feeling a little wet behind the ears here. Can someone please tell me what 419 stands for? Why is this page covered with Rich Jerk ads? That's gotta be a scam if I've ever seen one. Maybe, I'm just suffering from sleep deprivation I don't know :confused: :confused: :confused:

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    Re: New and confused~ what's 419 etc...

    The ads you see are adsense ads and are based on whatever content is on a website..

    Here is a link that explains 419 scams:


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    Re: New and confused~ what's 419 etc...

    419 is the penal code in Nigeria for fraud. Before '419 Conspiracy' it was called 'The Nigerian Conspiracy'.

    For probably over 20 years their intent is to overthrow the American financial system - they started out with credit card fraud and now have branched out to sob stories via email, as well as farmed out to other countries.

    They are said to be dangerous as well as larcenous. People have disappeared when they went to either do business in person, or have gone to try to recover their lost funds.

    They usually have different reasons why they need to put a huge amount of money in your bank account and in exchange you will receive a percentage for helping them do business in the USA.

    What can happen is they may ask for you to put up good faith money first, or they may ask for your bank account; and the result can be you never hear from them again, your bank account is emptied out, or your identity is stolen (and your credit rating ruined).

    Who would be so stupid, right? Contrary to opinion, it is not just naive or senile senior citizens, or desperately poor people who take the risk. Millions of dollars have been lost by doctors, lawyers and other professionals that should have common sense (not taught in university).


    p.s. it is important to note that most of the people in Nigeria are not only desperately poor, honest people, but they are really a loving people. It is a tragedy that in addition to their poverty, now they are persecuted for the 419 bunch and many internet companies refuse to do business with them.

    I have to ask myself - how many crooks do we have in the US? Does anybody refuse to do business with our innocent citizens merely because of their geographic location?

    Many closet racists are only too happy to judge an entire country based on one group of criminals.
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    Re: New and confused~ what's 419 etc...

    If you check the top of the topic list on this forum, there's a long, informative thread entitled "The FINAL word on 419 scams". Read.
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    Re: New and confused~ what's 419 etc...

    The rich jerk ads are from Google, the webmaster has little control over what is shown here.

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