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Thread: The Counselor

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    The Counselor

    DISAPPOINTING!? another case i suppose where you had better know the book!? or maybe you'll GET it LATER!? my feeling is it was not LONG enough and TOO VAGUE as to any kind of PLOT you might say!? even the CHARACTER mentioned in the TITLE is not fully FLESHED OUT except to say he got his PLANS/LIFE DISRUPTED unexpectedly!? maybe a VERY PERSONAL TASTE of INHUMAN nature he was NOT expecting or could FATHOM!? maybe it's all explained by that strange SPEECH by the MAN to the counselor who is calling to FIX what apparently is NOT FIXABLE!? i remember when doing research on enlightenment the advise of a master that said, march strate into disapointment!? ...........something like that!? ing1: :freak3: :judges: :
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    Re: The Counselor

    No joke, I was going to go see that movie today.

    What a crazy cast they have!

    How did they mess it up?

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