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Thread: UltraLife Club

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    UltraLife Club

    Anyone hear of UltraLife Club?
    "Wisdom is a Paradox, you have to have it before you 'Get It' ! "


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    Re: UltraLife Club

    website. i couldnt find the "join now" button

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    Re: UltraLife Club

    I am involved with the Ultralife Club. I can show you what it's all about. Anyone who wants to know but only if you're serious my e-mail address is rebeccamuise@hotmail.com

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    Re: UltraLife Club

    Quote Originally Posted by gmiranda View Post
    I don't know about this one, but I know of an opportunity that has been around for over 17 years and provides excellent income, training and support. For more information, visit www.PowerToProduceWealth.biz and www.SixFigureIncomeSchool.com. Learn how to change YOUR financial future at these website links! I did and it's changed my life!
    Oh for god's sake. The first URL does not work. But please, please, click on the second one. Be prepared to laugh. I'm just trying to figure out what the Ultralife Club (appears to be some sort of timeshare website) has to do with the hilarious "SixFigureIncomeSchool" website. Is the Six Figure Income School an accredited institute of higher learning. What are the tuition rates? Do they have a campus that I can visit?

    Everything you need to know about these crooks is contained in the slogan on each and every page of the Six Figure Income School website - "Teaching you Financial Freedom". There's that term again - "Financial Freedom". Why isn't EVERYBODY doing this?

    Please people, use your brain.

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    Re: UltraLife Club

    Well people who have an opinion on the Ultralife and the income you can earn...I myself am earning an income a fairly large one... No it is not timeshare however even if it was, do you know that the travel industry is a trillion dollar industry? Really if you don't know what it is you're talking about maybe taking a look and getting informed would make your comments more valid. It is great to be aware of scams but if you're not even sure of what Ultralife is how on earth can you ask people to use their brains... Knowledge is power and learning how you could make a lot of money and help others as well as yourself find time freedom and financial freedom is what Ultralife is about... Get informed :)

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