hi... I just went to this website,

they teach you about the E-mini and everything else,

Has anyone bought the todd mitchell product??

If yes, please tell me ur experience, is it good or is it bad??

He claimed that his course inexpensive.. only $1,975. compare to the other course that will cost you more than $5,000++

He claimed that : "quote from the FAQ"

Q: How do I know who's really telling me the truth - there are so many courses and systems being offered today - how do I know which one to take?

A: First of all, I would suggest doing a little background check on the educator you're looking into. Start with the Better Business Bureau (Southfield Michigan for me) in the local area of the person you're interested in learning from. Any complaints? Then I would find out if they're a member of the NFA (National Futures Association) - if they aren't I would seriously question that. If they're on the up and up they definitely should be a member of the NFA. Are they registered with the CFTC (Commodities Futures Trading Commission) as a CTA? They should be - if they aren't I would also question that. You can easily call the NFA and CFTC (both located in Chicago) to see if they're members or are registered - if they are simply ask them if there have been any rulings or judgments against that systems or course developer that you're checking in to. Just to let you know I AM a member of the NFA and I AM registered with the CFTC as a CTA. I also feel that offering a Money Back Guarantee says a lot about a persons/company's integrity. If they don't offer this or don't mention it anywhere - I wouldn't consider the program. I mean, what's that really telling you about the educator and their system/course? Also, call some references to see what some of their students say about their program. You can tell a lot by simply talking to a few people. Everything I just mentioned should be important in your decision in purchasing a course or system. If you would like to come and personally meet me before purchasing my Course, I definitely urge you to do that.
thank you...