I am not sure this is the correct board for this...but I have a couple questions.

My best friend is in a lot of financial trouble. He used to have a business partnership...ended up disolving the partnership. BUT, the partner never took his name off the legal documents. The partner then proceeded to rack up anout 100K in debt.

Long story short, the parther killed himself and my friend is now responsible for all the debt. He had a lawyer who IMO did a crappy job and my buddy now owes the lawyer a huge fee and 80K instead of 100K.

The debt is spread out over a few credit cards and unsecured loans. So my question is this.....

Are any of the companies that help with debt consolidation good? Do they do anything besides screw you over?

Lastly...his debt is caused by a business. I know chapter 7 bankruptcy is MUCH stricter and his income is too high to qualify. Are the exceptions for businesses...could he potentiall qualify for chapter 7?

Any help would be great.