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    A Tribute to Channon And Christopher

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    Re: A Tribute to Channon And Christopher

    In Memoriam Addendum

    Greetings, White people, from beyond the grave . . . Our names are Channon Christian and Chris Newsom. We apologize for distracting you from your meaningful consumer lives, but if it's not too much trouble, we'd like to have a few words with you. We'd prefer to do so in person, but's that's not possible now. We're dead. You see, we were viciously butchered by blacks in early January of 2007 in Knoxville, Tennessee. We were on a date, driving along minding our own business, when two blacks spotted us. They decided they wanted our car. That was not all they robbed us of, however. They also stole our innocence and took our lives.

    Before being murdered, I, Chris, was brutally beaten and sodomized by these subhuman monsters. They also hacked off my sexual organs. Powerless against multiple male aggressors, Channon could only look on in horror. After taking all the valuables on my person, these black beasts doused me with gasoline, set me on fire, and shot me to death. They then took my mutilated body and dumped it in a ditch. Though horrific, the fate I suffered was not as bad as Channon's.

    I, Channon, was not simply killed by our attackers. First, as described above, I was forced to witness Chris' prolonged murder. I was then abducted by our attackers and, over several days, brutally raped and sodomized by several different blacks. After forced oral sex, cleansers were shoved into my mouth in an attempt to eliminate DNA evidence. After being repeatedly and mercilessly defiled, my tormentors cut off my breasts and took turns urinating on me. I was then strangled to death. My body was then chopped up like so much meat and thrown into gargabe bags.

    The mainstream media didn't think the story was newsworthy because it involved Black on white Hate crime and the story only hit the major networks 6 months later after nationwide protests and internet bloggers spreading the media blackout and crime story all over the net.


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    Re: A Tribute to Channon And Christopher

    Pretty sick that you're actually attempting to speak in their voices for your agenda.

    Here is the wikipedia entry, which is thankfully lacking in BVR's racist political agenda: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_...stopher_Newsom
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