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Thread: Male And Female

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    Male And Female

    Let us see what part the much-tormented question of sex plays in thie

    deeper conception of life that we are trying to reach.

    We must follow our usual procedure and first try to get at the roots

    and the underlying causes, taking as broad and as scientific a view of

    the subject as we can.

    We can find that male and female are really the positive and negative

    aspects in nature -that is to say, that the male is the positive or

    electrical quality and the female is the magnetic, receptive or

    negative quality. When the two fuse, creative action occurs.

    The word 'negative' used in its electrical application, and means that

    which does not act but holds power. It does not repre futility or

    weakness, but reserve force.

    The whole of the universe is built upon fusion of 'male' and 'female'.

    from the greatest planet to the tiniest chemical cell the same process

    goes on. It is really as if the world were an electric pole containing

    vast numbers of other electric poles of all sizes down to the most


    Let us consider this question of electricity passing down a 'pole' or

    straight line - the pole canbe a bar of iron, a planet or a person; one

    side of the pole is the 'positive' or electrical side, and the other

    side is the 'negative' or magnetic side.

    The magnetic side draws to itself, absorbs and retains power. when it

    contcts the positive -i.e. the action, or electrical - side of the

    pole, it gives off this power, combustion occurs, a spark is lit, and

    force is generated. It is exactly this process which causes a planet to

    rotate, moves a car, creates a child, or makes a plant grow.

    The positive electrical male side of nature is represented by the

    acids, and the passive female magnetic side of nature is repressented

    by the alkalis. Before a planet or a car moves, the right constituents

    of acid and alkali must be assembled, to create the little explosions

    of electrical life-forces which brings action about. It is also this

    identical driving force which motivates our bodies. The tiniest cell

    in our bodies is an electrical battery in a state of combustion; just

    as our whole body is also electrically polarized.

    The acid part of our bodies is the action part, the muscles; the alkali

    part is the blood, which holds and carries the power to these muscles.

    When in a state of health the two are rightly balanced, but at death

    the power which holds them apart (the pole) is withdrawn and the acid

    floods the alkaline blood, causing whole mechanism to become static.

    In chemistry you must take an alkali element and combine it with an

    acid element if you want to create a compound which is strong and

    useful. If you want to create a bomb (which is condensing the production

    of force into a small space) you must also bring together an acid and

    an alkali - when they are allowed to meet the bomb explodes.

    The same thing happens when a well matched man and woman meet -

    attraction leads to combination and then action !

    It must not be inferred, however, that a man is all electrical and a

    woman all magnetic. On the contrary, these two qualities run in

    juxtaposition through cell and atom. But all existing interiorly in

    various degress.

    The planet Mars, for instance, is pre-eminently masculine, but of

    course is held in manifestation by its pole of positive and negative.

    Our Earth has it pole running through it, called North and South at its

    two ends, and, of course, one side of the earth is electrical and the

    other magnetic.

    So also a man and a woman, though pre-eminently male electric and

    female magnetic have each what we might calll their poles running

    through them. The right side of our bodies is electrical and the left

    magnetic- the right side thee side of action and the left the female or

    heart side.

    The subdivision of these two continues to infinity in our bodies,

    untill each tiny cell has its pole, and even atom, as we know, is

    revolving round its pole or axis.

    Thus throughout the whole of life from the greatest to the tiniest we

    have the same process going on. The female magnetic power attracts the

    female electric force and creation action takes place.

    Now as this process runs throughout everything we may expect to find

    expression of it in our own brain, and we do !

    The human brain has a shape curiously like the human embryo, and it

    contains a part which is male and a part which is female. When these

    two parts are made co-ordinated by mental training and concentraion,

    and made co-operate, a most wonderfull development takes place, and the

    mind becomes inspired, force and creative.

    This was well known to the very ancient peoples

    I their own remarkable way they worshipped the means by which a human

    being can contact 'God' within their own brain. They worshipped those

    symbols of the male - female power in the head.

    Succeeding generatons, in their ignorance, debased this worship into

    phallic worship of sex in its physical sence. Our ideas about the

    things that matter have grown smaller and smaller down the centuries,

    until at present they are allmost non-existant!

    We can now begin to glimpse the truths lying behind the worship, in

    many ancient civilizations, of the great Trinities of Life. The

    Christians adopted them, and gave us God (The life force), the Virgin

    or Mother ( the wisdom or stored power), and the Son, the result of

    that blending, the one who acts and achieves. The most ancient

    religions we can trace and appreciation of this Trinity.

    The alchemist expressed the triangle in their own way, as Mercury,

    Sulphur, and salt (our cell-salts being that which builds and acts

    within our bodies.)

    Then there is also our Sun, the male electrical positive forces whos

    rays reaching the earth causes fertilization, movement and growth. For

    a long time we have been accustomed in our little limited way to think

    of sex only in the primitive terms of our power of physical

    procreation, not as the vast priocess on which the whole universe is

    built. Infinitely petty and restricting taboos have shamefacedly

    locked up the entire question in a secret box in our minds. We muddle

    along in complet ignorance, oblivious that the box contains our

    greatest jewels.

    Let us take out these jewels of ours and study their value. One of them

    is the serpent, which was always much in evidence whereever the ancient

    temples devoted to wisdom flourished.

    Since the story of Adam and Eve, the serpent has represented two things

    _Knowledge and Sex - Thus hinting at a close connection beween them.

    And the secert is thatthe Creative Force within us is one single force,

    whether it be used for physical or mental ends. We have a choice as to

    which way we shall direct this force, upwards or downwards.

    In material - minded or primitive man it continues to be used purely

    for procreation, or sensual gratification. But as man aspires to higher

    ideals, as he yearns to creat mentally and live in spirit, the force is

    gradually drawn upwards to the creative principle in the brain.

    This force is called by the Easterns the Kundalini, and is likened to a

    serpent of fire lying coiled at the base of the spine. If a man

    steadily purifies his mind and nature through living chastely and

    moderately, he is able to magnetize the Kundalini sepent upwards

    through the channel of his spine, until finally it reaches the

    Masculine-Feminine principles of the brain and fires them into

    co-ordination. The man is then filled with in inspiaration and becomes

    attuned to the inner world of Wisdom.

    This can only be accomplished with the help of the 'Kundalini sepent'.

    Perhaps Christ gave us a hint of this when he said.'Be ye wise as

    The internet is the last light of truth and hope...it is truly of the people, by the people and for the people. We must not let it be subverted for any purpose other than the truth. And that truth shall spread to every man woman and child across the globe. No longer will those in power carry the sole means to decide for us, yet we now shall have the power to decide to tune them out.

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    Re: Male And Female

    The safe awakening of the kindalini sepent

    (see http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?t=29646 )

    truth applies in the relation between the sexes where again sincerity of purpose and whoe heartrdness are the determinig factors of resulting happiness.

    When a spiritual minded man and women fall in love with each other there occurs a blending and a union between the seven-fold bodies of each of them, culminating in spiritual as well as physical creation.

    This gives an ecstasy and fulfilment seven times greater than that which the average physical union can bring. Force and power are engendered an hundredfold more on all planes through having been conserved instead of frittered away. Both the children and all creative work resulting from such a union would be incomparably superior to the average.

    If every child were brought up with this understanding and ambition focused upon such an ideal we should soon have a heaven on upon earth.

    As it is, the subject of sex is so little understood that any irregularities in its manifestation consign the victem to suffering in ignorant misunderstanding wretchedness.

    The interplay of the masculine-feminine positive-negative principle throughout our bodies is not yet fully graspe. The ancient wisdom teaches that man, having a positive masculine physical body, has a feminine negative etheric body. This may be why he has in some ways much less staying power in the matter of pain and endurance than woman, who owes her endurance to the fact that in spite of her negative feminine physical body she has a positive or male etheric body.

    Maan's astral or emotional body is masculine, and therefore active and under his control, whereas woman's astral is negative and absorbing. It is at the mercy of outside influences, and that is why she can be dragged down to lower depths in some ways than a man can. A drunken woman is more terrible that a drunken man.

    It would seem to follow, the, that man's mental body has a preponderance of feminine quality and a woman's of the masculine, and perhaps that explains why wise men have always considered that woman can actually take lead and inspire them from the mental level if she but realizes it and fits herself to do so.

    Man is meant to learn sensitivity and intuition from a woman, and a woman is meant to learn steadiness and honesty from man. A perfect man or perfect woman must be a complete blending of the both qualities of both. That is why we are told that at the end of evolution there will be no differentiation of the sexes.

    meanwhile, the processes of the integration bring about temporary aberrations which result, through misunderstanding, in homosexuality and other irregularities.

    We are taught that men and women change their sex at verious incarnations. This change sometimes produces a masculine woman or a feminine man, until the readjustment is complet .

    It is necessary that these things are better understood.
    Then people, instead of giving way helplessly to any abnormalities which they discover within themselves, and living a life of shame faced yet defiant indulgence, will learn to master such tendencies and turn them to good account.

    When we consider that, from the greatest to the smallest, all progress and evolution depend upon the interplay of the male-positive and female-negative principle, and how this especially applies to the mental and spiritual creative powers to which mankind is dedicated to strive, we begin to see how much futile stagnation is caused either by people who refuse any relationship with the opposite sex, such as nuns and monks, or those who indulge in homosexuality.

    The seven bodies of man and woman merge creatively when they work or play together, entirely irrespective of the sexual act, and stimulate and nourish one another in a way which is essential to the bringing through of creative inspiration.

    In the temples of the ancient wisdom, before their degeneration, the preist worked with their female oracles to achieve their greatest results.

    When men and women are bought up to be sensitively alive to this interplay of the forces between them, they will obtain so much fulment from them that the act of procreation will fall back quite naturally to its normal use.

    Sex-antagonism and other inhibitions will disappear. There will be produced the perfect working unit, built up of Woman-Wisdom-Strength and Man-Power-Action.

    The internet is the last light of truth and hope...it is truly of the people, by the people and for the people. We must not let it be subverted for any purpose other than the truth. And that truth shall spread to every man woman and child across the globe. No longer will those in power carry the sole means to decide for us, yet we now shall have the power to decide to tune them out.

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