Changsha kemingda trade Co.,LTD is an export "company" in China that I found via After emailing back and forth with their company rep a few times and being impressed with the companies policies as far as shipping, warranties, shipment problems, etc. I placed an order with them. Mr. Wen the company rep informed me that the company sent out shipments with in 24 hours of receiving payment. My payment was received going on 2 weeks ago now and all I have received is excuses as to why I have not received my shipment or a tracking number. According to Kesheng Wen my shipment has been ready since the day after I ordered it. However they are having problems with customs and my shipment has been sent once only to be returned to the company by customs. However I never received a tracking number when it was "sent" and still have not received that tracking number as verification that it actually was sent out at that time. I requested verification that my shipment went out and that it was ready or my funds to be transfered back two business days ago and I have not received any reply at all.