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    sure jobs

    HI, I am new to your site. I have been looking for while on the web trying to find something to do, sure you here this all the time. I came to my own conclusion that they are pretty much all scams. But can anyone tell be about surejobs employment network. From what I can tell it doesn't coast anything, but what is it that you do?


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    Re: sure jobs

    It looks like they are just an employment listing service much like monsterjobs, unemployment office, etc.

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    deleted referral is still there?

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    no content

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    Re: sure jobs

    When I joined the training, email, etc. was incuded. Now when I question why I have to pay this again, I get no reply. Have asked several times. I believe they have only a few people working full time (just a guess) and that most don't make much $ at all. They were investigated in Canada. Do your due diligence. Same man answers phone all the time, (if you get an answer). Call Canada before investing a dime. Read what others have to say. They used to charge job finders, I believe, but don't think they do that any more. Let us know when you make the $10,000 - which would seem to be a yrs. worth of work for them. My opinions, only.

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