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    American Home Shield - The word of the day - pre-existing

    Long story, attempted at being recapped short.

    June 29th Buy home and warranty.
    July 9th A/C Fails (still blows, but room temp)
    July 10th Tech comes out. Refuses payment. I Call AC Company, they apologize for mistake and schedule new appt for July 4th.
    July 11th Tech shows up unannounced and is rude again and won't speak to us.
    July 12th AHS denies claim, saying pre-existing condition was conveyed to the tech from myself. "What??"
    After countless phonecalls, and denial that I ever said that to the technician, I got fed up. I faxed into AHS the home inspection that was performed before sale, and the sellers disclosure stating the ac is in good working order. (not even 8 years old). They still did not want to honor the claim.
    July 12th I get creative and have my two realtors and the title lawyer call AHS and threaten to not to sell that warranty anymore.
    July 12th AHS decides to reverse their finding and send out a new company.
    July 17 New company, Air Doctor comes out to the house. Tech says the compressor is overcharged. He recovers coolant from the system and says we are good to go. He also says that since my AC has been off for a while that it may take a couple of days to cool down and to give it some time.
    July 20 I call AHS claiming the AC still doesnt work. After 3 days its still at 85 degrees in my home.
    July 23 Air Doc comes back out and says the compressor is overcharged. I reminded him (same tech) that he said that earlier as well. He goes to release some coolant and completley emptied it. He then filled it up again and still got incorrect readings (not sure what it should be). He then says the compressor is bad.
    Due to my prior experience with AHS, I ensured that he didn't call it pre-existing, and he verbally confirmed it was not. On his work request, he only stated that the compressor valves were bad and needed a complete replacement.
    July 24 I call AHS 2 times, no results
    July 25 I call AHS 2 times, no results
    July 26 I call AHS 3 times, no results
    July 27 I call and they say I was denied coverage, due to pre-existing condition. They claim the tech said it was pre-existing. I asked the name of the tech and it just so happens to be the owner of Air Doctor, not the technician. They say the owner said it was pre-existing.
    I then call the owner, Jim and confront him. He said that he never said that it was pre-existing and that if anybody said that, it was AHS and not him. He said he told them, that compressors go bad over time, not all of a sudden.
    Ok, so let me get this right.....what doesnt go bad over time?

    I since have reported AHS to the Better Business Bureau and called 3 attorneys. I also have retained my own HVAC company and will be shelling out the $1800 myself for the new compressor, expansion valves and labor myself. I hope to sue AHS for reimbursement and full refund of my policy cost.

    AHS is creating their own loopholes to jump through, with no government. They refuse to give out their names, including supervisors. After getting a supervisor on the phone, I asked to speak with their supervisor and they says "no you speak with me or nobody". You cannot even get the same person on the phone when you call, they refuse to give out extensions for employees.

    How has AHS not been involved in a Class Action Lawsuite like Home Warranty America has? http://www.lawcash.com/attorney/4965...ca-lawsuit.asp

    P.S. - AHS claims hey don't consider a licensed home inspector qualified to determine if an air conditioner is in proper working order. They claim b/c they only see the A/C once, that the have no knowledge of its previous maintenance or performance.
    I also asked for the supervisor to be frank with me, in regards to what pre-existing is. She replied that if it broke 30 or more days after policy purchase, and that it MUST be pre-existing if it only happend 11 days after policy purchase.

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    Re: American Home Shield - The word of the day - pre-existing

    I have never had a problem with them over the past 7 years. In fact, I would not own a home without them.
    We had the same problem with our air. The contractor came and fixed it. The bill was 1800.00 They paid all but 150, saying a certain part was not covered.
    Our dishwasher broke, and they couldnt repair it, so they replaced it.
    The contractors they have sent us have all been great, and very consciencous about not spending money needlessly. Perhaps it was the contractor they sent to you thats causing the problem?

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