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    HR International Scam or not? Anyone know?

    I came across a company called HR Intenational.com that allows potential home buyers to get into a home. From what I know the home owner is already in forclosure or about to go into bankruptcy. They are looking for someone to take over their morgage in exchange for keeping their credit in good standing.

    In order to obtain this service you have to pay $150.00 which they have said is for any fees (change of deed, etc). I have spoken to representatives there who seem helpful, but $150.00 can be a lot (if it's a scam).

    If anyone knows anything about this company or from experience, please let me know.



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    Re: HR International Scam or not? Anyone know?

    Virtually all those companies are scams, all you get for your $150 is generic instructions on how to contact people who are in foreclosure.

    Forget about taking over loans from people in foreclosure, most loans aren't assumable, most people who are in foreclosure had subprime loans to start with and finally if the house had any equity he could have sold it instead of having you take over the payments.

    Find another way to buy a house, like a loan of your own.

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