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    Check cashing scam........

    Hello all i am new to this forum and just wanted to show the email I received from my career builder site. Please take special note of the gramatical errors which I find to be very professional as well as, the fact they "guarantee you will get about..." Also, when I copied it to paste here, I noticed all the extra letters after each sentence....hmmm?

    Karleen Zimmer: Job offer

    We have found your resume at careerbuilder.com

    We would like to suggest you a work of a Transfer Manager in our company.
    ZTA wNz

    Your task will be to process payments between our company and our clients
    NTN kMW

    with the bank checks using remote Internet operations. In each payment order
    NTN kMW

    there will be detailed instructions for you. It is a commission based position. We
    NT Nk

    guarantee you will get about 10% from each processed payment.
    NTNk MWM

    Requirements and abilities:

    - Develop high selfrespect and esteem.
    NTNk MW

    - Get financial independence working only 3-5 hours per day;
    NT NkM

    - Efficiently work at home;
    NT NkM

    - Get additional free time;

    This job will allow you to:

    - Prior customer service experience is a good benefit;
    NTNk MWM5

    - Willingness to take the responsibility to set up and achieve goals;
    NT NkM

    - Effective interaction with customers;
    NTN kMW

    - Ability to create good administrative reporting;
    NT Nk

    - Internet and e-mail skills; Experience in online work;
    ZWM 5N

    Salary: about $1000-$1800 per week
    ZWM 5N

    Current Vacancies: 5

    Please, contact me directly via my personal email address
    NTNk MWM

    if you are interested, or if you need some more information,
    NT BmO

    I will need
    ZWM5 Nz

    - your full name
    NTNk MWM

    - mail address
    NT NkM

    - your mobile telephone number

    so I can send you the contract and other paperwork necessary
    NTN kM

    for you to get started. I am looking forward to hear from you soon as possible.

    If you have questions or comments for CareerBuilder.com, please use our feedback form.
    Nz A0

    This email was generated for Karleen Zimmer NzRj YTYz

    Content of this email has been reviewed or approved by CareerBuilder and is endorsed by
    ZGRm NGM

    CareerBuilder. You are solely responsible for any response you choose to provide to this
    ZGR mNGM

    email and you do so at your own risk. If you have questions regarding the legitimacy of the
    ZGRm NGM

    position being offered please contact the CareerBuilder Site Integrity Team by emailing
    ZGRm NGM

    CareerBuilder.com. Please also review common scams and tips for protecting yourself
    YzNi MWM4

    on CareerBuilder's Fraud Page.

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    Re: Check cashing scam........

    If you wondering if it's a scam, then the answer is..ABSOLUTELY!!

    I think they're the most popular spam/scam out there right now, in fact I'm in the middle of baiting one right now.

    See for yourself:


    Any check you receive is bad, and should not be cashed. That's if you followed through with the email.


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    Re: Check cashing scam........

    are you sure jax? LOL

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