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    Richard Payne- Million Dollar Property Referral Kit

    god it seems like even after years of not ****ing with scam letters they still keep coming out of nowhere,
    i got this one today this dickhead RICHARD PAYNE of out Albuquerque NM has a scam letter offering a property referral kit for $56.97 OMG / WTF. worst part is you have to actually find apartment properties than he says you get 25%, if im going to have to go out and fill out forms, which are in the kit and continue to mail or fax possible properties that he claims a trust fund/investment co. he has a deal with will buy, i want it for free.
    well anybody else get this letter, dont do it.
    they say any good business offer should have a contingency fee basis only, i want this mother ****er to send me the kit free, if im going to anywork for him. and second if he paid money to get your name and mailing address and he wants money upfront to get started its a scam, period.
    you shouldnt have to pay first on any business deal, that you are actually going to have toput work into.

    the scams called
    richard payne
    5010 Cutler NE,
    Suite D2-186
    Albuquerque, NM 87110

    505-888-1597(somebody call this *******)

    no website
    total scam
    dont respond

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    Re: Richard Payne- Million Dollar Property Referral Kit

    and it has the complete BS
    risk free 90 days money back garuntee.
    that will either never be returned after he jumps ship or 6months to a year before you ever get your money back.haahaha
    it sucks to still get this stuff in the mail, oh well, im the loser that opened and read the BS.ha

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    Re: Richard Payne- Million Dollar Property Referral Kit

    I just wanted to say "Thank You" for posting your response on Richard Payne, I was almost suckered in. I did a get rich quick mail offer once, and truthfully it would have worked if everyone did exactly what I did and sent everyone on the list a dollar, it would have worked for everyone involved but a few months now and $100 later, no dollars came in the mail. Oh well, you live and you learn. But I rec'd a few letters in the mail and got smart now and looked them up on the computer when I came across your response to Richard Payne. So now I throw this away. Thanks again, Liz

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    Re: Richard Payne- Million Dollar Property Referral Kit

    YES.. If you get ANYTHING from this clown.. THROW IT AWAY!!!! Repeat.. TOSS IT and consider yourself lucky! He got me for almost $200! I had found an someone who wanted to sell his apartment, filled out the that stupid form completely, faxed it in, then NOTHING! No response! Tried emailing him several time, NOTHING! Tried calling his office a few times.. VMSG FUL!! Sent repeated letters with threats that I would slam him and his company on ripoffreport.com and on here.. still NOTHING! And what's amazing his I'm still getting this and other programs from this clown. This guy is getting rich ripping people off! It's too bad scum bags like this are getting away with this crap and stealing peoples hard earned money. How they can look themselves in the mirror everyday is beyond me.

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