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    Scam.com Is Scamming You.

    Let it be known that Mojo Bailey is a fraudulent stooge account for the administration here. Yes, scam.com is scamming you ! They use Mojo Bailey and other bigus accounts in order to bash businesses that they want to bash while hiding behind the veil of fake accounts.

    www.SitHomeCash.com is a legitimate site and the operators of scam.com chose to post scathing slanderous remarks about Sit Home Cash under a false account.

    yea, yea, yea... go ahead and ban me arses. I'll be back, and back, and back, and back. I have more ip & email addresses than you have brain cells.

    Yes, Scam.com IS scamming you ! Oh, and size really doesn't matter. :rolleyes:

    Your site is incredibly vunerable and crashes at this littlest sneeze. ;) This shows how incompetent your crack smoking techs are...

    ShitHomeCash.com - a site that pays you to fill out surveys, complete offers, and try products & services from our sponsors - many of the surveys, offers, products, and services are totally free!

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    Re: Scam.com Is Scamming You.

    Read above announcement, Cupcake.

    You've been one upped!

    Have a nice day and take some tranquilizers or go smoke some weed.

    Lady Mod


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