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    What am I missing here????????????

    UK authorities have called Amway on the carpet for a pyramid motovation and event promotion as with the the case of Quixtar in the US. Now Amway is or has laid down the law on this pyramid aspect of these schemes and will reunite as the same scheme they always were pre 2000.

    USANNA, Mannatech, YTB, BurnLounge MLM dropped and many other biggies' heads are on the chopping block. This is from the Amway hometown paper. Not looking good for MLM. See: http://www.mlive.com/news/grpress/in...420.xml&coll=6

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    Re: What am I missing here????????????

    Quote Originally Posted by nomass
    This is from the Amway hometown paper. Not looking good for MLM.
    Amway is not the center of the MLM universe.

    Amway may have some "issues", but when did that change? They've always had "issues".

    This is over people making too much money on sales-aids. It's a good thing as far as I'm concerned. There were alot of greedy fools selling nothing but sales-aids outside of the Amway commission structure. Not a good thing for any coompany.

    My dos centavos!

    Kerry Hein

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