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    AuSSoft and GlobalSoft's Arb A Trader and Reevera's Syntrader

    This company is a Scourge primarily to Australians and I just wanted to post it in Scam.com to help raise awareness of it before any more people get ripped off. This group, acting under one of the names of AusSoft, GlobalSoft or Reevera, will randomly ring up people in their homes and try to sell them "Revolutionary" software which allows you to automate Sports Arbitrage trading. From AusSoft and GlobalSoft the software is called Arb A Trader, while the newer version of the company, Reevera call the software Syntrader (unlike anything else ever! apparently. Even Arb A Trader which isn't mentioned anywhere on the Syntrader website).

    The problem lies in the fact that to people who have never heard of Sports Arbitrage, this does sound really really good, thus when they slap the $7,800 price tag on the software, it sort of makes sense. "Too good to be true...but it's really expensive, so it isn't 'too good to be true', therefore it must be true!" Unfortunately it is too good to be true, and they rip you off for the priveledge. They over hype the Sports Arbitrage concept, and then provide software below par in the modern arbitrage industry, and charge $7,800 for it where the average software in the marketplace is only $50-$300/month if not free. Also consider the ongoing support when you have a monthly subscription vs a one of payment.

    For more information see two posts I have written about them in the Sports Arbitrage Guide Blog, and a thread in ArbForum's Scam Section, and a thread in the Sports Arbitrage Guide Forum.

    So in short, if these con artists have called you up, impressed you with the amazing profits you can make from Sports Arbitrage Trading and then blown you away with their incredibly smooth website....save yourself $7,800 and read through those articles and threads.

    Best of Luck!
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    Re: AuSSoft and GlobalSoft's Arb A Trader and Reevera's Syntrader

    The same james Bradley just scammed people (2015) in a company called US Invest - see attached.
    It is the same low life scam artist.
    His partner in crime was one Ryan McFarland now running Your Wealth Education and one Dan montano now running Wealthceos.
    We believe James Bradley is the silent partner in both companies.

    Bradley has continued scamming for nearly a decade but the police are closing in on this low life thief.
    See attached - also proof he was behind Baranstone and Globalsoft and at least 20 other serious scams

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