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    Invention Promotion Scams

    If you are an inventor or have an idea you think might sell, do
    NOT respond to any of the invention submission companies you
    see advertised on TV. They are all scams.

    They will tell you your invention is great and all you have to do
    is give them your money for patents, marketing etc and you will
    be rich soon.

    I have developed and sold 3 product lines to Wal-Mart, Target
    and other retail chains and have recorded a CD I'm offering free
    about how to do it.

    You can download the audio MP3 and a PDF transcript totally
    free :) at WalMartSecrets.com If you want the physical CD, I
    need $3.00 for S & H.

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    Re: Invention Promotion Scams

    Not a smart move. Can't wait to see what type of name your website gets from Katie...

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    Re: Invention Promotion Scams

    What kind of product lines have you developed?

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    Re: Invention Promotion Scams

    I always find it ironic that one of the most misspelled Google searches is "Wallmart". I'm not a great spellar either, but that is damm funnie.

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    Re: Invention Promotion Scams

    wow, how would you know this? xP that's crazy, i thought it would really work

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