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Thread: Global Warming

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    Re: Global Warming

    Quote Originally Posted by edmund129 View Post
    This is the exact same information taught in our schools, colleges and universities. It is required by law to watch Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth to get their degreee, even if their degree has nothing to do with Climate.
    You have claimed this many times but yet you have continued to fail proving it every time we ask.

    Why is that?

    If you yell a lie loud enough and long enough eventually everyone will believe it, even if it is the most outragous lie ever told, like "Man Made Global Warming".
    Ah nevermind that explains it.
    If you lie loud enough and long enough eventual everyone will believe it.

    Except those who know how to read that is.

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    Re: Global Warming

    Global warming is a challenging problem with the environment. Because of this climate has been changed. It has became too hot.

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    Re: Global Warming

    Breaking News!

    Alaska Has The Most Ice Ever Recorded

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    Re: Global Warming

    Quote Originally Posted by phlipper View Post
    Two quick things. Notice how they only said ALASKA. Why would they focus only on one specific place? Why not the arctic? Afterall the scientists have been watching Arctic Sea ice NOT Alaska sea ice

    Lets look at the comment section of YOUR article shall we.

    The Pacific has cooled somewhat with serious rainfall in Eastern Australia for 3 years now coinciding with LaNina events. So the Bering Sea is bound to show this phenomenum while the Pacific remains in LaNina pattern.
    Hansen is praying for a huge ElNino to show some warming effect – funny how the doom sayers want warming whilst pretending it is catastrophic.
    Another LaNina would be inconvenient for them – lets wait & see."

    So once again not a complaint about global warming.

    I love deniers like you. You keep saying it's not Co2, It's not Co2 it's something else, it's the sun, it's the ocean currents.

    Yet every single time a little bit of cooling happens. You forget all these factors outright.

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    Re: Global Warming

    Deny this!!

    There are also some informative links at the bottom of the article.

    "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."
    -Hunter S. Thompson

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