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    Shopping for Bargains/ v.

    Hi all, I
    got some news and thoughts for you. I
    signed up for a service, which for the most part I am
    happy with.... I won't name names (yet) but
    it is good with the reward points offered by shopping
    the merchants that they sponsor. BUT here is
    my beef, when ever I am in the market to buy
    something, I check the sponsored merchants,
    find a deal here, another there. Then I will
    check other sources.....since, (Littlebear drops a clue)
    I live so close to the border...I just peek at the prices
    in San Ysidro, next to the Mex/T.J. border and
    find my favorite coh-Log-Neigh in the half-gallon size
    ...almost always for way cheaper than I could find on-line
    and especially less than I could find on the 'sponsored merchants list'
    of my membership.
    Doing a google search and spending just a little time (1 1/2 hours)
    I can find cologne, usb flash drives, luggage, scooters, bikes,
    jewelry, engagement rings (Hey, any of you ladies interested in
    a burly guy with just a little fur on his chest (hem hem, back, paws, legs,
    forehead, one eyebrow (over both eyes)) ;')
    but I digress, Why ducks???

    but yes, if you are willing, and a little savvy, (ok, pretty darn savvy)
    you can find you good price and good quality in the same purchase.
    As always, check the reports on certain brands, products, ect.

    My usb flash drive I skipped on for now because most of the killer deals
    on the net did not seem so killer if I get a Sandisk FOUR freeking Gigabit
    from my local Bestbuys for 39.99 dollars.
    The best I found on line, the very best was 39.99 plus shipping
    for one brand that I don't remember the name of.

    So, learn your prey, do some effort, don't "buy a pig in a poke" (as the
    ol' saw goes) and you should do far better than the net-shopping sponsors
    like Over(priced)stock DOT com, or many of those that are similiar.

    :') Stay safe, shop conscious.


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    Re: Shopping for Bargains/ v.

    You buy half gallons of cologne?

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    Re: Shopping for Bargains/ v.

    Quote Originally Posted by bdivito58
    You buy half gallons of cologne?
    I exaggerate slightly, but you ought to see these bottles, they look
    like the next size down from the largest size of Vodka

    Check fragrance.com:

    Muelhens 4711

    Looks just like a whiskey or Vodka bottle and the thing is HUGE.
    You don't know whether to splash it on or swig it.

    ;D LOL.



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