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    Advantagedirect or Advantage Direct

    They're based in Kirkland, WA. My wife got an unauthorized $1.05 charge on her debit card from them today. I did some googling around and found some other boards where numerous others have received this same mysterious charge. The only thing people seem to be able to find out about them is they list themselves as a "telecommunications company."

    Has anyone here heard anything more about them? Any help is appreciated.

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    Re: Advantagedirect or Advantage Direct

    i dont know much more about it but it seems to be hitting people who have either a paypal card or a lot of bank of america members with debit cards.
    many people have said it only showes up as a pending charge but does not go thru however the bank takes the position you should CLOSE THE CARD ASAP. as it means someone has your card.
    as to me i dont use ebay or paypal my system is clean as the debit card i had was only 1 month old and i rebooted system just after getting it plus i use heavy security bolth email and internet and only have used my card on total of 5 sites all are very secure and have been around forever (and no questionable sites) so odds are its some new random card number generator or like that. good luck

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    Re: Advantagedirect or Advantage Direct

    Advantage Direct
    12901 72nd Ave. North East
    Kirkland, Washington 98034

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