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    Is it ok for a mayor to smoke crack ?

    Toronto Rob Ford is on video smoking crack cocaine. Is it ok for a mayor to do illegal drugs?

    I say no.

    It is illegal....simple.

    Also judgements are skewed.

    Every video I see , hes all sweaty and fat and gross like he's going through withdrawls.

    What are your thoughts :judges::judges::judges:

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    Re: Is it ok for a mayor to smoke crack ?

    if it HELPS him lose weight, WHY NOT!? prolly shoulda kept it a secret though!:errr: :judges: :yelcutelaughA: :spin2: ?
    i do not endorse/recommend any advertising on scam.com associated with my name /posts or otherwise. thank you

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    Re: Is it ok for a mayor to smoke crack ?

    You can tell he doesn't smoke it alot since he is soooo fat.

    He's a weekend warrior.

    Part time crack smokers smoke it once a month...then sugar or carb chip binge the rest of the month.

    Lost alot of friends to this bullshi-t.

    His first videos he was soaking wet from sweat. Now he's definitely clean.
    There's alot of people like this unfortunately.

    His anger that hes showing is textbook post drug use cliche.

    He reminds me of Chris Farley who lives in a grave down by the river !!!:yelcutelaughA:
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