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    Client Placement Services SCAM

    Yes, they are a scam, and also use several other company names such as One Top Firm and Portal Response Technology. This is a post excerpted from a good thread over at webproworld:

    The scam began with a guy named John Sloatman, who first appears after being dismissed from Skybridge Wireless. He files a wacky lawsuit which the court dismisses.

    (Page 17)

    So already we are dealing with a dubious individual. Then he created this I-frame banner ad technology. Not a bad idea. All he has to do is come with ways to get people to download toolbars. If he can sell keywords, he can make a fortune. Even better, he also gets the bright idea to license the technology to other people.

    He licenses it to a lot of folks. He also claims that some guy named Eric Jarrett steals the technology from him and sues him.

    Charles Lloyd either licenses Sloatman’s technology or is in business with him. Alas, Lloyd has been in trouble with the FTC:


    That would be the same Charles Lloyd who is mentioned as being directly connected with the MySpace Guardian:


    So right away we have a dubious person behind this business.

    From here, I have to say, that YouCannotFoolMe has done his research. You can do it, too. All of the following companies are linked, either because they share a business address, share a “dba” listing (That’s “Doing business as”), or share phone numbers. They also share an “F” rating, except for PRT which is still nonetheless linked to the other companies via a “dba”” This can all be found very easily at www.bbbsouthland.org and the CA secretary of state website:

    Portal Response Technology
    One Top Firm
    Simply Voice
    Key Windows

    Other companies licensing the technology include:

    Keywords LLC
    American Keywords

    Links regarding the dubious nature of this technology are abundant. Here are the best ones. This first one, in particular, is awesome. Some guy named Richard Sexton representing StarPosition is embarrassed by a poster named “myandemar”.

    One Top Firm - Portal ResponseTechnology

    This other one demonstrates how the scam has been around for a long time and also on the East Coast.


    The bottom line: the technology has clearly been used to scam people. Is PRT/One Top Firm (yes, they are the same) doing the same thing? My guess is they are trying to legitimize the service by creating the MySpace Guardian toolbar. If they truly could get an installed base of 10 million then, then they’d be on to something.

    So it’s pretty simple. Either they are lying about the number of downloads or they are not. If they are, it’s fraud. If not, it’s legal.

    Either the hits being generated are real ones or they aren’t. If they aren’t, it’s fraud. If they are, it’s legal.

    Both are extremely difficult to prove or disprove. Hence, if it is a scam, it’s pretty brilliant.

    The woman claiming to be Vicky Brink either is her or it isn’t. If it isn’t, it’s fraud. If it is, it’s legal.

    If she is a shill, then we should not be surprised.

    If she isn’t, and sold some homes because clients said they saw her banner ad, then good for her. Maybe the installed base of the Guardian is large enough to have generated business.

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    Re: Client Placement Services SCAM

    Just keeping this thread current.

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    Re: Client Placement Services SCAM

    Quote Originally Posted by YouCannotFoolMe View Post
    Just keeping this thread current.
    All postings here are my opinion only.

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    Re: Client Placement Services SCAM

    Performance Media Placement - Same players as this toolbar game.

    This company is owned by Carl Perkins and Duane Brinson under the name PBH LLC or Perkins Brinson Ho. They created the toolbars discussed here: http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?t=28710 and profited greatly.

    The sales people they currently employ sell local PPC advertising with tactics and promises that are clearly against Google TOS. Here is a post on some of the things they promise: http://www.google.com/support/forum/...9abadae6&hl=en. And here is Googles policy: http://www.adwords.google.com/suppor...&answer=152979

    As you can find within this post and on many other complaint posts this company violates many of Googles policies and laws:

    Cold Calling and automated calls that are illegal in many states:


    As you can see Google is against the main selling points of this company and what the employees "guarantee":
    * "Deceptive or non-transparent pricing...discounts on keywords, exception to the auction (don't have to pay by CPC, etc.), ability to purchase keywords in bulk..." - This company promises unlimited keywords and clicks at a flat monthly fee. How many PMP customers receive expense or click reports that show the Adwords budgeting?
    * "Selling AdWords as 'listings', implying permanence" - This is in many of their resellers names and in the name of the site that carries the Google qualification.
    * "Guaranteeing certain ad placement, or that ads will appear at all times" - As you can read in forum replies, company sites, employee profile pages and fake testimonials from ignorant PMP employees, the main selling points are statements such as this: "We DO get our clients on the first page of Google in the sponsored link section 24/7 with unlimited clicks..." This promise can be found from employees here: http://www.tablenow.com/

    For any current customers that want to see if this guarantee of 24/7 first page placement is being upheld ask for an "Impression Share Report". This report will tell you the percentage of time the ads were shown during a specific time period. Every keyword and ad should show 100%; if not, the first page 24/7 guarantee has been broken which is a violation of their own contract and grounds for a 100% refund. Request to receive this report directly from Google to avoid any possible manipulation from any employees of this company. The best bet would be to request Report Access to the account. Then you will be able see the data directly from the Google Adwords website.

    More deceit from the company is the use of the qualification logo as can be seen here:

    Both Perkins and Brinson worked for Search Initiatives (Now Elocal, Elocallistings, Elocalplumbers, etc.) until they were both "let go" for unknown reasons when the company formed Elocal. http://www.searchinitiatives.com/carlperkins.htmll.

    Do not be fooled by promises of "exclusivity", 24/7 first page placement, unlimited clicks and other false claims. The company has been known to break many contracts and attempts to force its employees to lie or terminate them if the truth is ever told.

    Here are just a couple of the many URL's the company uses:
    performancelocalmarketing.com - AKA "One Top Firm" that has a history of its own:

    Below are some resources to report any wrong doings you may feel this company may be performing:


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    Re: Client Placement Services SCAM

    Great resources and information!

    You should start new threads with the names of their primary companies.

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