Greentree Property Scam

Brenda Collins The Hairless Snatchsquatch

240 River Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3L 0B4
(204) 477-6950

On the outskirts of Winnipeg lives a 6ft 5in hairless Snatchquatch named Brenda Collins
A mean grumpy, mad tempered, evil beast with her troll son Gorton, in this village along
With the snatchquatch and her troll son there also is Jose the Mexican sasquatch and Tanner
The slender man. Brenda Collins is the property manager of this shopping mall on the outskirt
Of Roblyn and the perimeter. Along with her troll son Gorton the supervisor only because his
Mom is the property manager and Jose the lazy Mexican cleaner who all day sits in the office on his Sony laptop and surfs the internet for his 8 hour shift and let's not forget Tanner the slender man who was hired with no cleaning experience what so ever because his friend worked there before
Tanner is so stupid that he doesnít even know how to use a bathroom plunger something that any dumb bamboo or chimpanzee can do Brenda even had to take him to the public bathroom and teach him how to use a plunger, and when Tanner wasnít cleaning the bathroom in months Brenda was protecting his butt saying he never used a plunger before when he should have been fired anywhere else Tanner is so lazy and doesnít do any work what so ever and Gorton even complains of the floors not being swept and mopped yet Tanner is never fired, could Tanner be one of Brendasí long lost sons and a member of the missing link because he doesnít do any work and Brenda has not yet fired him to spoke to him Tanner fills out the work sheets claiming to check the bathrooms which he never does pick weeds or sweep the parking lot
And when the parking lot is checked nothing was done what so ever and Jose takes off every
Wednesday or Tuesday once a week with new excuses, and when someone does work his shift t all the garbage cans on the property is full and nothing was done,
How mean is Brenda Collins the snatchsasquatch, she threatens to call police and press charges on
She fires for no good reason if they donít bring the keys back the day the fired employees promise to
return the keys, the employees have till the end of the day to return the keys but Brenda is so evil
She leaves messages on answering machines 5 minutes after the mall opens with threats of police and
pressing charges, yet Brenda allows tanner and Jose to do nothing during their shifts and sit around the
office all day surfing the web on their brand new Sony laptops or Samsung s3 cell phones
The head office needs to look into this unfair practice and perhaps fire Brenda Collins along with her
troll son Gorton, the lazy web surfing Mexican Jose and the good for nothing useless minor the
Slender man Tanner