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Thread: Free Ipods?

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    Free Ipods?

    Hi everyone, could anyone please tell me if this site http://ipods.freepay.com is a scam or not? When I did a search on google.com.au, I found it listed with other legit survey sites http://www.thesurveypro.com/australia.htm

    I was trying to find paid survey sites that are in australia so if anyone on the forum from australia has gotten a free ipod from signing up can they let me know please. I suppose as they say if it sounds to good to be true then it often is..

    Anyway your help would be appreciated with this


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    Re: Free Ipods?

    Check this out, http://home.freepay.com/AU/ I watched the video thats on their site that is from some kind of TV show or news show and it *appears* to be legit, but you need 5 friends to sign up and they need to take up 1 free offer as well. But where does it end? In turn they need to get 5 friends to sign up and then there friends do and so on and so on. I can see how it works when you think about it, but anyway finding friends that will actualy do it is pretty hard.

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