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    I like big butts

    I like big butts and i can not lie
    AllyYou other brothers can't deny
    When a girl walks in with a tiny waist
    And a round thing in your face you get sprung
    You wanna pull up tuff cause u noticed that but was stuck
    Be for the jeans she wearing i am hooked and i canít stop staring
    Oh baby i wanna get with ya and take your picture
    My homeboys try to warn me but that butt u got makes me so horny
    Oh rumper smooth skin u say u wanna get my buns
    Well use me use me bíc u aunt that average groove bin.
    I seen her dancing to hell with romancing she sweet, wet got me going like a
    Turbo Vette
    I tried of magazines saying flat butts are the theme
    The average butt made there arse kick butt sheís gotta back mach back
    So fellas, yeah fellas, yeah has ya girlfriend got the butt, hell yeah tell
    Her to shake it shake it shake that healthy butt.
    Baby got back
    I like them round and big and when iím throwing a gig i just canít help my self i
    Am acting like an animal now his my skin
    I wanna take u home and double up
    I anít talking about play boy bíc silicone parts canít parts are made for toys
    I wanna real think and juice so find that juice double makes a lot in trouble
    Begging for a piece of that bobble
    So iím looking at rock video nasty bimbos looking like hoe you can have those
    Bimbos i keep my women like flow joys a world to the flick so sisters i wanna
    Get with ya i wanna course and hit ya i gatta be straight that wanna ill the
    Break of dawn
    Baby got it going on i wanna sing this song one last time bíc those punks like
    To hit and quit it and i Ďd rather stay and play
    Bíc i a long and iím strong and i bound to get the friction on so ladies yeah
    Ladies yeah u wanna role in my mercedes then turn around stick it out even
    White boys gotta shout
    Baby got back
    Baby got back
    Yeah baby when it comes to free meal cosmo has nothing to do with my selection
    So your girlfriend grows a hunda playing work out makes her finda but finda
    Donít have a motor in the back of her honda
    U can do side bins or sit-ups but please donít loose that but, some bothers
    Wanna play that hard role and talk u that the but anít go so they toss it and
    Leave it but i pull up quick to receive it, so cosmo says your fat i anít down
    With that bíc your waist is small and your curves are kicking and i Ďm thinking
    About sticking, to the pull dames thinks and the magazine u anít it miss think,
    Give me a sis i canít resist red rice and beans didnít miss her, some knuckle
    Head try to ditch bíc those girls are on my list they had game but they shoes
    To his them so i pull up quick to get with them. so ladies if the butt is round
    And u wanna triple expo down call one nine hundred mix a lot and shake those
    Nasty thoughts
    Baby got back

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    Re: I like big butts

    Bored huh?

    My husband likes big butts too!

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