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    The Meggiddo File



    By Barbara Aho
    In 1999, the FBI published a report titled Project Meggido, which was a 32-page document warning U.S. law enforcement officials to monitor religious and militia groups that are preparing for a Y2k crisis and inciting citizen resistance against UN plans to inaugurate a New World Order. Readers of this report will readily discern that Project Megiddo is not just about renegade anti-government paramilitary organizations, but implicates the mainstream Evangelical community as an anti-government and potentially seditious element of society. The following statements are found in an article which appeared in the Washington Post:

    FBI Warns of Millennial Violence Risk
    Police Vigilance Urged As New Year Approaches

    The FBI is warning police chiefs across the country that it has discovered evidence of religious extremists, racists, cults and other groups preparing for violence as New Year's Eve approaches and is urging law enforcement agencies to view the dawn of the next millennium as a catalyst for criminal activities. The FBI says those most likely to perpetrate violence are motivated either by religious beliefs relating to the Apocalypse, or are New World Order conspiracists convinced the United Nations has a secret plan to conquer the world. . .

    The report. . .says that local law enforcement officials need to monitor radical groups for behavior such as stockpiling weapons and food that may indicate they are preparing for violence. . .the report notes that some radical groups or individual extremists may view these events either as signs that the end of the world is near or as part of a larger conspiracy that they must violently oppose, the report says. . . The volatile mix of apocalyptic religious and [New World Order] conspiracy theories may produce violent acts aimed at precipitating the end of the world as prophesied in the Bible."

    The agents have discovered that in preparation for the new millennium, certain individuals tied to these groups have been acquiring weapons, storing food and clothing, raising funds, procuring safe houses, preparing compounds, surveying potential targets, and recruiting converts to their cause.

    While most of the report focuses on domestic threats, an entire portion is devoted to Jerusalem, where the FBI says an influx of tourists making pilgrimages and millennial cults will add to the danger. The study also says violence in Jerusalem, a holy city for Christians, Jews and Muslims, could lead to problems in the United States and around the world. The FBI report--"Project Megiddo"--is named after a hill in northern Israel that has been the site of many battles. The Hebrew word "Armageddon" means "hill of Megiddo," the study says.

    "Israeli officials are extremely concerned that the Temple Mount, an area already seething with tension and distrust among Muslims and Jews, will be the stage for violent encounters between religious zealots,. . . Additionally, several religious cults have already made inroads into Israel, apparently in preparation for what they believe to be the endtimes."

    The FBI report said potential targets of domestic violence include military facilities; United Nations buildings and personnel; institutions associated with the African American and Jewish communities and other racial and religious minorities; gay men and lesbians; and foreign military units residing on U.S. bases. "Armed with the urgency of the millennium as a motivating factor, new clandestine groups may conceivably form to engage in violence toward the U.S. government or its citizens". . .

    "The name 'Megiddo'," the FBI report begins, "is an apt title for a project that analyzes those who believe the year 2000 will usher in the end of the world and who are willing to perpetrate acts of violence to bring that end about." [David A. Vise and Lorraine Adams, Washington Post, 10/9/99]

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    Re: The Meggiddo File

    U.N. and governments are all corrupt they all belong to Satan.

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