Do not purchase an insurance policy from this company! I was sold a policy for my son, their take on a whole-life cash building policy. It was pushed on to me by a friend at church so I figured what the heck. I had several MetLife and NorthWestern (real insurance companies) policies and thought I was familiar with the product.

WARNING!! anpac IS NOT a NorthWestern or MetLife, their contracts I learned far too late have a 15 year vesting clause. What a scam, tons of cash value down the toilet if you terminate the policy within the first 15 years. MetLife and NorthWestern have no such clause in their premium products. I was screwed by a friend, oldest story in the book. I know I should have read the fine print, how stupid I was to trust a "friend" who sold me saying they were the same as my MetLife and NorthWestern policies. Shame, shame on me.

Please, I beg you, learn from my mistake and go with MetLife, NorthWestern or any other A+ real insurance company. CAVEAT EMPTOR

American National Insurance Company
American National
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SM&R evil good good