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    Anyone heard of Success Motivate ?

    I got this email from a guy from Success Motivate. Is this legit?

    Hi www.scam.com team,

    (This is not a spam email, it sent by me (a real human, Adam), please read it to the end.)

    I am closing down my online business and I would like to let go my powerful online marketing system which it can easily help you generate $30k-$50k stable income every month.

    This is how the powerful online marketing system works:

    This powerful marketing system can help you collect thousands of highly targeted real customer’s emails (USA or any country) in just one click using 100% legal method. **Emphasize here people>> Collect thousands of REAL Targeted EMAIL in ONE click!!**

    These people will be usually highly interested with your product/service because you can target them by keyword specifically, like “beauty, car, computer, food, hobby, and almost everything!”

    For example you are a perfume wholesaler, you can use this system to collect millions emails of people who are interested to become your perfume dealer, you can then blast your promotion email to them, the sales conversion rate will be really high because those are really targeted people!

    These are the steps to use the powerful online marketing system:

    1. Enter your keyword into the system to find targeted real emails (eg: perfume/ web designer/ online shopping, etc)

    2. Wait for few seconds while system finds those targeted emails for you.

    3. Blast your pre-set email content to the collected emails (send thousands of emails in just 1 click).

    So, why buy this powerful web marketing system?

    #1 – Sell your product/service to real super targeted people (USA or any country) in just 1 click away! (Cheaper and better sales conversion than FB ads, Google ads)

    #2 –Pay one time and use it UNLIMITED times whole life for free! (Suitable for your multiple businesses)

    #3 – This system has no limit of email sending, you can send 100k targeted emails per day! (Targeted email marketing is really powerful!)

    #4 – High sales conversion rate because it collect highly targeted email based on your keyword. (If you blast 100k emails per day, and just 10% converted into purchasing customer, you can earn up to $3000-$5000 per day or even more!)

    #5 – Proven success marketing method!

    #6 - Guarantee you won’t find this marketing system anywhere else! (My team spent 3 months to build this powerful marketing system just for our own use.)

    #7 – See, I don’t know you but I actually sent you this email using the powerful marketing system!

    Asking Price : $10,000 one time fee (Nego for serious buyer only, your best investment whole life!)

    Send me an email/find me at Skype for FREE demo, I will show you live how to use the system for your business, yes I will do demo in front of you how to collect thousands of targeted real emails in just seconds!

    Contact me by email/Skype and I promise I will reply very fast. See to believe!

    My email : adam@successmotivate.com

    My Skype : adam.success1

    Warmest greeting,

    ( Do not click reply to this email. Contact me at adam@successmotivate.com / Skype : adam.success1 )

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    Re: Anyone heard of Success Motivate ?

    Never heard of it...first impression?...it looks like a scam to me!

    Is there a link to a website for the "company"?
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