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    The worst mail order scammer

    Use this thread to list the mail order scammers in the world. Post a list, a paragraph or simply the the top 5, 10, 100, worst email scams to help people.

    What did they do?

    What did they say?

    What was the scamming angle?:2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1:

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    Re: The worst mail order scammer

    Everyone should do business honestly. It's just good business ethics. Unfortunately, there are alot of people and businesses who do not have good business ethics, including "the people who pretend to be psychic." These type of businesses are deceitful, lie, is deceptive, and is undermining. The corrupt people and businesses are making honest people and businesses look bad, because the scam businesses are out-numbering the honest ones. That sucks.

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    Re: The worst mail order scammer

    LOL since you mention "psychic"...

    It so happens that I am a professional psychic. Yep, I read cards, do astrology, palmistry, etc. Some of you may think that in itself is a scam. It is not.

    It''s part of a spiritual path I've been on for 40 odd years, and to which I have dedicated gazillions of hours of study. I'm the real thing, I am entirely ethical and...nope, I don't make near the kind of bucks that I would if I were a scammer. Nor do I try to. Money is a nice side effect, but it's not the point.

    So anyhow...

    One day Dad calls me up. He's received a letter from a "famous astrologer." She says her assistant pointed out his chart and was so horrified by the dark cloud over my dad's life that she had to bring it to this Master Astrologer. "But wait," says the Master, "I am so high and mighty and woop-de-doo that even though you, my lowly servant, see only darkness for this poor man, I can see how he can turn things around and bring light and joy and happiness into his life and repel the evil that will otherwise overwhelm him."

    That was the gist of the letter. Then it said, "Please send your birthdate, time and place."

    At this point I started a fit of cough-laughing.

    One of the most basic things about astrology is that to draw up a chart, you need a birthdate, time and place. A birthdate, by itself is somewhat useful...but not really. Alone, that will give you about 1/20th of the info you can get from a real chart.

    So how did this alleged wondrous astrologer find out about Dad's dark cloud or his silver lining without this most basic of info?

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    Re: The worst mail order scammer

    Mail order scams

    Mail order shopping has its problems. It is difficult to assess the quality of products offered for sale and obtaining a refund can be a hassle. To make matters worse, some mail order offers are bare-faced frauds.
    The case of the missing Reeboks

    Each year Fair Trading receives many complaints about mail orders. Most have a familiar ring. The goods don't measure up to the glossy advertisement. Refunds take forever. There can be long delays in deliveries. Or after posting off your cash, you may never hear from the mail order outlet again.
    While outright fraud is the exception, mail order shopping lends itself to deception. An example was a scam carried off by an outfit calling itself R E Jones and Associates. It offered cheap sportswear for sale and its professional-looking catalogue targeted proprietors of squash courts and other sporting venues.
    Customers were invited to send their cheques to a Sydney suburban post office box. It wasn’t long before Fair Trading began receiving a flood of complaints about non-delivery. But by the time Fair Trading became involved the trail had gone cold. The perpetrators had pocketed the cash and vanished.

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    Re: The worst mail order scammer

    I am more worried about internet buying than mail order ripoffs. I like the rating system on Amazon.

    Please help our church -
    Your donations no matter how small are appreciated :)

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