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    Company targeting Elderly with Phone Scams

    There's a company calling the elderly here in Miami, FL (and they might be also targeting other areas) and demanding $400 for boxes of product that was never ordered. My mother got the call today and when I called them back they did not even provide me with a company name or the product that they claim she ordered. SCAM ALERT!

    Their 2 phone numbers are 201-244-7808 and 206-535-1206 and they're not listed anywhere on the web so they might be using cellphone numbers to call and attempt their fraud. When I told them my mother was not accepting their product or paying the $400 they said she would then have to pay a $200 penalty for cancelling the order. LOL. Total scam, report them to the FCC if you get a call from them and whatever you do, do NOT give them any credit card info OR any other personal info.

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    Re: Company targeting Elderly with Phone Scams

    Reminds me of the call my 78-year old mom got last week. Caller claimed she was getting a free medical alert device and all she needed to do was pay for the shipping. But mom was certain she did not order such device and refused to provide information. The caller threatened to have her arrested and put to jail. Mom hung up and reported the call to the police.

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    Re: Company targeting Elderly with Phone Scams

    By the way, I Googled the phone number and http://www.callercenter.com/860-840-7104.html came up along with several others. Looks like this scammer has been very busy calling a lot of people. Be warned people!

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