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    There are too many scams!

    Is there any legit opportunities?

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    Re: There are too many scams!

    There are many legit work at home jobs available if you are willing to work hard

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    Re: There are too many scams!

    I was really worried about working from home also and so I picked one where I'd at least be helping people out at the same time. I've only been doing it 2 weeks now but I've made over a 100 and that's because the first week I didn't do anything at all. I had family over and just never bothered with it. So basically in a week I made over 100. Not too bad for just starting out and that was just with 2 hours a day 4 days a week. But why don't you check it out at

    :) http://freedomathometeam.com/trandel :)

    I personally really believe in this company and feel that I really will be retired in at least 10 years.

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