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    Fizban "The Fabulous" Guest

    The Mystery of the Group

    If we where to glimpse into the

    future. It may be asked what

    possible practical usefulness can

    come from contemplation of

    circumstances infinitely removed

    from our present life.

    The answer to this is that in order

    correctly to establish one's

    direction it is necessary to

    visualise one's goals. The shorter

    the focus of this vision, and the

    nearer the goal, the more will

    time and attention be given to detail

    to unessential details, and the more

    likelihood there is of being

    deflected from the path. But if the

    ultimate and the true goal is kept

    always in view, much time and many

    experimental mistakes will be saved,

    and men will continually have the

    inspiration of grand achievement and

    wonderful destiny to sustain them.

    It is important to picture the

    coming chapter of humanitys

    existance in its broadest outlines

    but we will not be doing that here

    instead we will now approach nearer

    home and consider the first steps

    which will be taken in the home and

    consider the first steps which will

    be taken in the building of the new


    The fundamentals of any civilisation

    rest upon the conditions of social

    living, and upon the personal

    relationships existing between units

    of a community.

    Most people will say that the

    relationship of the sexes is the

    most powerful factor in the building

    up of the social framework. But

    sexual life has always been

    subordinated to existing social

    conceptions and taboos.

    So we must first consider the more

    vital of the coming changes in the

    life of the community, and then we

    will have ready the framework into

    which future sex relationships will

    have to fit.

    In our contemplation of the human

    family we are going to seek to

    unravel the mystery of the

    individuality; to find the pattern and the plane which undelines the medley of crowded, mixed and varied types, the apparently haphazard and inconsequent assortment which comprises the population; to determine why are all so different and what these differences mean; and why, nevertheless, they fall into definite classifications-the stupied and the intelligent, the coarse and the refined, the followers and the leaders.

    We will inquire how these conditions can comply with the picture of the true Christian socialism and of ultimate achievement for all men.

    We shall attempt to solve this riddle and show the coherent pattern upon which the whole human family is built, and which it will one day beautiful picture.

    Where shall we look for a clue to this pattern ?

    Wise men of old looked at the stars. They held that the lesser is a mirror of the greater (so above so below)

    The Macrocosm (universe) is the model for the Microcosm (man). Wise men of today look within the atom, reading there he same story.

    They see our solar system as a group of varied planets around a central sun. They see the atom as a group of electrons around a central sun . They see our solar system as one of a group of solar systems around a still greater sun.

    The pattern of the group around a leader builds the universe from atom to constellation.

    The immutable laws which build creation and hold it in manifestation are known to us. They are pictured in our religions and they are demonstrated in our laboratories. The primal impulse of life, the One, the Creator, spoke the Word.

    This first and major viberation produced the initial pattern and the initial division into two, the Father-Mother, positive and negative 'electricity', male and female, spirit and matter.

    Thus was the world built upon the foundamental law of love and of sex. Love came with the Son, the consciousness produced by attraction and interaction between spirit and matter. Thus we have the primal division of the Trinity.

    The process of division continued, the Three dividing into Seven, the seven great Energies imbuing matter, the Seven Spirits before the throne, pouring Their forces through the seven major planets of the solar systems. Thus we see the great pattern of life set u0p before us. We can conclude also that the initial division of positive and negative electricity shared in this process of redivision and the understanding of which lies far ahead.

    The scientist uncovers the same pattern in the world of atoms and elements, stating that in the beginning there were only two elements, two gases, Hydrogen and Helium, from which a vast array of atoms came forth, built from the results of division and blending. He knows that the number of Seven governs his tables of elements and atoms to a certain degree, but it is not the only key-number.

    Nor is Seven the completed cosmic number. It is the number which rules many aspects of physical life (3D)
    But a more complete cosmic number is Twelve. For there are really twelve planets connected with this solar system, and the division of heavens is into the twelve Signs of the Zodiac, ruled according to esotericists, by the Twelve Hierarchies.

    From this great primal pattern, and by a process of subdivision, the universe was built into physical manifestation. The Twelve grouped around the creator gives us the cosmic key-number and the arrangement of complementary forces suitable for the the pattern f potency and of completion set before us. We see the social organisation of the hosts of heaven, the stellar bodies veiling stupendous individualities.

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    Fizban "The Fabulous" Guest

    Re: The Mystery of the Group

    When Christ came to dwell among men, and set us a model of living, pointed out the significance of the number thirteen by placing Himself at the head of the twelve Disciples. We do not know the birth dates of these Disciples but they are held to represent the Twelve phases of the cosmic and human development.

    As such, they would each embody a different definite astrological type representing a certain admixture of alchemy which goes to make one of the twelve divisions producing physical manifestation. If each of the Twelve Disciples brought together as an integrated group would reproduce the alchemy of creation, and with their Spiritual Leader would represent in miniature the potent ingredients of creativity itself.

    This scientific model which Christ set up for us as an example has yet to be understood and followed. The significance of what He did will only be brought home to us when the secret language of science is uncovered (see thread in the science section of this forum)

    Christ showed us how to work with power, and through His material included illiterate fisherman and seemed a strange admixture, underlying it was the deep astrological knowledge which knew how thus to produce out of frail, faulty, but properly blended material, a power and a viberation which should outlives the centuries.

    The division of the Two into three, Seven and Twelve has, of course been known. But Christ demonstrated to us the significance, for us, of that last division, our nearest link with pattern. This lesson was one of His greatest bequests to us, with its final symbol of the Last Supper, wherein even the Betrayer was included.

    Christ taught the significance of the Group, of group-work and of group-strength, and gave us a working model of it. He implied that all men who were His followers were to do as He did, and more. Thus we see mirrored the pattern of a future Christian world.

    In the later chapters of evolution men will have come together in their natural groups, astrologically complete. Their capacity for working thus with potent mental powers, in ways which we could not appreciate, will then be set in miniature model of the Divine Creator.

    Thus will men have attained to a fuller knowledge and a sharing of the Divine Mind itself.

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    Fizban "The Fabulous" Guest

    Re: The Mystery of the Group

    During the life of Christ, behind His group of twelve, stood the women. While the men were given were given the instruction and trained to be positively active, the women were always there, ministering unto them in their faith and silence. They were usually the first to perceive and to believe. They were the last at the Cross, and the first at the Resurrection. Whereas the male disciples represented the positive electrical aspect of spiritual living, the female disciples represented the negative hidden spiritual reservoir, the true anchor of action.

    In producing the perfect unit of a human group there must be not only the correct planetary or Zodiacal representation, but also only a workable balance between positive and negative, male and female aspects. These aspects are not represented by physical form alone, but may focus their power through the subtler parts of the individual.

    All of these factors will be embraced by the scientific knowledge of the future, and their right application will bring unimaginable powers and experiences to mankind.

    At present such groupings take place involuntarily or not at all.

    When a Prime Minister forms a War Cabinet today he is working blindfold and hampered by ignorance.
    If the Cabinet turns out to be a potent unit there has been an instinctive coming together of those whos egos will in the far future combine to form a dynamic astrological perfect group.

    As the sun of the new era slowly shows his rim above the horizon of the present history we can see coming into growth around us the seeds of the new group-spirit. Since the beginnings of this century groups have sprung up in ever increasing profusion. They are immature, adolescent and faulty, but the new impulse is at work already throughout the ranks of humanity. Finally we are hearing talk of the ambitious group of all - World Government.

    This will also be an infant body when it does appear, it will have to be nursed through adolescence for many generations. When it reaches adulthood and the coming revelation, it also will be built upon scientific human alchemy, and represent the Twelve Creative Hierarchies and the Signs of the Zodiac in miniature.

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    Fizban "The Fabulous" Guest

    Re: The Mystery of the Group

    Humanity will gradually build itself up into the repeated pattern of groups within a group. It will be realised that through this means the ultimate

    fruition of individual character development throughout the ages is obtained. For although we will no longer see the isolation of any one ambitious

    powerful ego, because fusion and sharing with others will the rule, yet actual individualisation be more emphasised than ever, producing, as it will,

    correct manifestation and understanding of a given astrological force and expression.

    It is as well to press this point continually home, becaurse fear of loss of identity seems to be the bugbear which prevents many people from facing

    the greater laws of life.

    The coming into existance of real group living will have fascinating results. It will do away with much of the spiritual and personal loneliness from

    which many people now deeply suffer. For the bond which will exist between those who have come together, to fit into their true place in life's

    pattern in an astrological group, will be a bond existing in the highest dimensions, and therefore more profound and satisfying than any other family

    or social tie. Of course groups of potential disciples can contain several members from one family, but such double felicity will be rare from some

    time to come.

    Sensitive people have always longed subconsciously to find their own group, without knowing for the what they were longing. They have translated this

    yearning into family terms and imagined that they were seeking their 'affinity'. But no one human being can satisfy and develop all the facets of

    another human being. Only their spiritual group can do this, providing as it does miniature human channels to all aspects of the universe.

    Assuredly also the true mate of any person is most likely to be found, in time, withinhis spiritual group. The absorbed and self-sacrificing devotion

    which many sincere people like to give to their partner in marriage or to a certain member of their family or close freind, is in reality misdirected.

    It is really just that quality of humility and obedience which is man's rightful offering to the Creator and His Plan, as served and mirrored in his

    own group, of which the Creator's representative is its leader or teacher. Future spiritual groups will be modelled upon that of Christ and His

    Disciples, expressing the closely integrated love and brotherhood which He commanded.

    Thus, group-living will ensure loss of loneliness, a completion of the love and freindship aspect of life, a definite and permanent goal, a fount of

    trusted instruction, loss of uncertainty and of confusion, and a great combination of strength upon which all the members may draw.

    Within a complet group must always be found the Betrayer, because Saturnian (or Satan) influence is part of the whole. In immature groups the

    Betrayer, after causing havoc, will be cast out as a factor with which the members are incapable of dealing. But as the groups become more advanced

    their attitude and capacity will change. They will recognise that the 'evil' one among them is offering them the greatest service, the service of the

    test and trial, without which none may progress. They will stand the test, and in thanks for service they will identify themselves with the 'evil'

    member through that love which which absorbs and shares.

    The 'evil' thus divided will become negligible, and the 'evil' one redeemed, through being fused with his group, through their love, that good and

    evil are blended and lost in each other. If Christ's Disciples could have acted with Judas there would have been no betrayal because Judas, through

    sharing his doubt and misunderstanding with his Zodiacal Group would have had it clarified and resolved.

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    Fizban "The Fabulous" Guest

    Re: The Mystery of the Group

    The lesson of fusion as contained in the establishment of the divine group in social living will be one of the great landmarks of the new dispensation. All thinking men will be trained to consider life from the angle of the great group patterns. The student will see his goal ahead in three phases of group intergration. The first phase will be to achieve mastery or mastership of his own own person, of the group which is contained within his own organism. The cosmic pattern of the sun and the planets is repeated in his own body as centres of revolving force which produce heart and glands.

    Man's own solar systemis closely affiated with and in process of expressing thhe greater solar system, in terms of quality and function. As soon as man has been able completely to co-ordinate and rule the group within his own periphery, and has achieved a measure of personal mastership, he is ready to meet and enjoy the brotherhood of his own group, and the teaching of the Master of that group ( or His representative). Thus man, after having discipl-ined his own body, becomes himself the disciple.

    The third phase is reached when man achieves the quality of teacher on his own account, and becomes himself the head of a group. He then finds that many of his past associations and relationships had witnessed the gradual coming together of those who were to form his own gruop.

    Even deadly antagonisms and enmities had concealed the interactions of this this development. Throughout many vicissitudes his group inevitably grows.
    He remains a member of his own spiritual group under his teacher, through whom he gradually contacts a higher group of which his teacher is a member, with a leader more advanced than himself.

    So the pattern builds up , there being a place awaiting every person of every grade of attainment . The design is there already, and the people are there. They have not yet yet acquired sufficient spiritual sensitivity to work consciously in this way, although many of them are linked subconsciously, and working superconsciously together at this time.

    Thus future man's attitude will undergo a profound change to many aspects of life. He will feel peculiarly responsible towards his body and his own disposition and will become eagerly disciplined. Every active relationship between himself and any other person will be a subject of keen speculation and consideration with him. He will willingly care for his words and actions. For his ambition will be a mighty one, although it will embody humility and service. He will see long vistas of glory ahead, embracing attainment not only of the mastership of men, but of planet, solar system, constellation, until his spiritual group has become a fellowship of Deities.

    Thus we have looked into the mind and the conceptions of the man and woman of the far future. How near they will be to truth we are not in a position to judge, so argument will be idle.

    The mighty law of the group, will apply also to nations, who considered as individuals, zodiacally representative, will gradually be grouped, and will finally become nation-disciples, forming a great World -Group at the feet of the One Who is to Come.

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    Re: The Mystery of the Group

    according to my favorite new teacher, Dr. David Hawkins, only 0.4% of the population actually have real COMPASSION in their consciousness… This is the level 500+ according to his map of consciousness.

    Once a person is able to tap into the universal field of compassion, unconditional love, etc., this is when they start leaving the mind and world of duality, projections, etc. and actually begin to percieve the world as it truly is. Compassion is when we start busting out of the matrix, so-to-speak, I urge people to use the 5D Compassion formula so much. It’s like a bridge that can lead us out of the false linear reality and into the true non-linear reality.

    My question I had for years was HOW one should tell new girls that they are in a relationship and looking to build a Circle(A group of Bi sexual women),Without coming coming from a “seduction” or mind-control place. Like, I had to be “be careful” with my words, so as to not scare girls away.

    The thing is, I am literally looking for the top 0.4% of highest consciousness ranking women IN THE WORLD. Mathematically speaking (back into LINEAR thinking, but only to make a point) this means we must talk to a minimum of 250 women just to find ONE WOMAN WHO WILL BE CHILLED OUT ENOUGH TO LIVE IN A CIRCLE.

    Looking at my own rather extensive life experience, I’d say that one in 250 is about right

    So all of this is to say, “JUST TELL HER THE TRUTH”.

    I gave up waste my time trying to “phrase it right”.

    When girls are attracted to me, and they ask if I have a girlfriend, I just go, “Actually, I’m into alternative relationships, a little something called Circles…”

    If I sense she won’t be able to handle it, or if she starts interrogating me about it (this happens a LOT), I just go, “It’s just a peronal choice made between consenting adults, if you want to ask me about it sometime, you can, but right now I’m here to have fun”. (Or something dismissive like that)

    When they CAN handle the truth, I just tell them the truth… “I only date bisexual women. They like girls, and so do I. Which kind of girls do you like?” and they will literally TELL ME.

    Sometimes, the girl will light up like a Christmas tree and genuinely want to know everything about me.

    But most other times, they get defensive, and try to interrogate me about it. When this occurs, I try to be as dismissive as possible, and I try to avoid answering their questions.

    When they are GENUINELY curious, and really want to know everything about me (and about Circles), I am ALSO quite dismissive, simply because most girls assume that whenever a guy opens his mouth that he is trying to qualify himself to her.

    So, I say things matter-of-factly, with little or no emotional expression, and I don’t divulge more that they asked for… As a rule of thumb, I like to keep the conversations I have with women ABOUT THEM, instead of about me, myself, and I.

    So yeah, I tell them the truth, without trying to make it sound “safe” or “appealing” or anything like that… I just say things like, “A circle really isn’t a big deal, it’s kind of like having a family, and we all love each other and help each other to grow, and eventually the goal is to become Enlightened.”

    Now, since my girlfriends trust me so much, and they know I’m not one to give his power away to women just because they are “so pretty”, I’m in a position where I can “break the rules” and literally seduce the girl home with me, and throw her on top of the pile.

    I also like getting my current girlfriend's to do your dirty work for me… It MUCH easier for a girl to pickup a new girl, bring her home, and get her into a Circle than it is for most guys to pull this off.

    Also note that while I enjoy teaching girls how to pickup smoothly, I still do not think this is the right way to build a Circle. Have you heard the saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”? Well, when the COUPLE is ready, the CIRCLE will appear.

    It is never a PERSON that we Love, it is the GOD CONSCIOUSNESS that we Love.

    We all have energy. Its uncontrolable. Its the force of life, it is simply a vibration. Take atoms, split to neutrons and electrons, then split to light. Once you split light what you have is a vibration, or a WAVELENGTH.

    Now think about this,

    have you ever heard someone say "where on the same wavelength!" what they mean is that you have similar vibrations.

    That is why people people like to do the same drugs together to be on the same wave.

    The vibration is what makes us US! When your born, your vibration is moulded according to positivity and negativity, as well as the push and pull of the universe. Thats why astrology and star signs work so well, the people born to the same parts of the year are similar, yet nothing is exacly the same in the universe, apart from say every 1000 years which is why history they say repeats...

    When you hear a song, you either like it or dont. Some songs you will love and some you will hate right? Thats because some mould to your vibration and wavelength and some dont.

    I remember seeing something in a ross jeffreis seminar. He talked about taking the energy, and growing it (using a basketball trick, if u havent seen it ill explain another time) what he then does is gets the subject on stage to pull the energy back and and supress it just enough so that the womans higher concious or esp if u will, picks up on that and becomes inquisitive. I believe this is what mystery is doing by neging the target and aquiring social status amongst the people.

    Its also why you hear people talk about "I dont know what it is about you but i like you!"

    This can also explain many other things, eg ghosts, past lives etc but thats a story.
    The internet is the last light of truth and hope...it is truly of the people, by the people and for the people. We must not let it be subverted for any purpose other than the truth. And that truth shall spread to every man woman and child across the globe. No longer will those in power carry the sole means to decide for us, yet we now shall have the power to decide to tune them out.

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    Re: The Mystery of the Group


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