Avoiding the Collective Karma

Stuart Wilde

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Your waking intellect (your personality) brings to you an instant karma. For example, if you are diligent and responsible, life tends to treat you the same way. If you are uncaring and irresponsible, you pull to you all sorts that will treat you erratically and let you down. If you are out of control emotionally and unattentive, you slip off the sidewalk and sprain your ankle. If you stay in control and focused, you complete your journeys without incident. If you are generous, people treat you warmly, if you are mean, life will treat you more harshly. Your waking intellect bends reality to suit your personality so quite naturally you see and comprehend life and events as you want to see them.

Beyond the intellect is your subconscious. Very few have much idea what their subconscious mind is or what information it contains. You will see it talking to you in your dreams but it may offer you such an incoherent hotch-potch of images and feelings, you havenít much of a clue what it is saying.

The subconscious mind is more the Ďrealí you in that it doesnít have the fake concoctions of the waking intellect; it just accepts your feelings and ideas without the ability to alter them. Simply put, you could say, beyond denial is the subconscious. It is the perpetual memory of everything that you are and all your innermost feelings. Your intellect ceases when your brain stops functioning at death. But I believe your subconscious lives on in a mirror-world dimension that is placed opposite to this one, right is left in the world of the subconscious mind. It effect, the subconscious is what we call Ďthe soulí.

Jung discovered much about the collective unconscious. He said we are all linked by the same archetypes and symbols: mother, father, life, death, etc. Jung was right. We are all one mind, and while you have your own karma, which is fairly instant arising from balance and imbalance, you are also linked to a more distant collective karma of your society or nation, and that is linked into an even more distant global karma.

Deep in the subconscious are your archetypal feelings and impulses: love, hate, equanimity, arrogance, each is a defined compartment, you could say each is a dimension of it own birds of a feather flock together in the subconscious realms. You drift into that part of the mirror-world that is comfortable for you. Where you go your long-term karma goes with you for your subconscious mind can pull to you a long-term individual karma as well as a more distant collective karma that belong to you as well as many others.

Your instant karma can easily change by taking charge of your life and being more practical and living a healthier lifestyle, but your long-term collective karma is more trapping. You canít escape that as easily unless you make moves very early on. For example, if you were a carpenter in Nagasaki in the 1940s, you had your daily instant karma, keeping your family fed say, but unbeknown to you a collective karma approached. If you were aware of your subconscious and that of the people around you, you would have left Nagasaki and many thousands probably did. Others traveled there the day before the bomb. They came to join the collective subconscious department that accommodates for 200,000 incinerations in one day.

The trick to understanding the collective karma is to listen to what people are saying about their feelings and to watch their innermost impulses. If you watch the news, youíll see the national-ego running rampant. Itís all arrogance and disdain and self-interest - so you can see where the national karma might be headed. The trick is to uncouple from the collective feelings and try to discover who you really are. Do you agree with the ideals being expressed or do you differ? What are your innermost feelings and impulses? You may discover that you like the shared impulses you see on the news, and if you do, you will have to accept the collective fate that that might create. The problem is you donít know exactly where the collective fate will end up. Is it Nagasaki or Nivarna?

Here is an example; the long-term karma of America is to go bankrupt. Americans consume more than the planet can provide, eventually the supply and demand lines will creak and fall apart. If you were a citizen hoping to avoid her karma, you would consume less and make your egoís needs less demanding, so you could easily handle a sudden down-turn. If you were sophisticated at karma-avoidance, youíd be thinking Nagasaki-style and youíd plan a move to safety.

America, realizing she would run out of oil, went to war to capture supply lines and resources belonging to others. The long-term karma of that is she will have no oil at all. It will be taken from her. In the collective subconscious you can see it quite obviously. So karma avoidance would be to get rid of the gas-guzzler while you still can and downsize to a small car or even a scooter or moped.

It is part of the British collective mind-set to be right, people are endlessly arguing, sustaining their need to be right. In Britain it is very much more important to be right than to be nice. So people are rather nasty to each other while pretending to be right, and so their long-term karma is to be found to be terribly wrong. In then olden days, honor and a gentlemanís or gentlewomanís code of conduct was what held up the British edifice of being right but that code is now lacking. So the country will rot and falter.

The trick to being British is to agree to be wrong and make changes now. If you go down the path of righteous-indignation, you will fall as the country falls. The British feel they are very superior so their long-term karma is to become inferior. They will lose their economic status. If you donít feel you are superior, or right, and if status doesnít bother you, the nationís karma wonít bother you at all.

Each of us has the option of going with the collective karma of our people or you can vote ďNoĒ and walk in the other direction, but you have to make a move soon as a collective karma is the most trapping and the least easy to escape from. That is because people donít see it coming. It is the result of a collective idea that everyone agrees to so that makes it seem right.

If you very reliant on others, you are linked to their karma. The more you become self-sufficent and self-reliant, the more you are in your own karma and the easier life is to control. If you canít make major changes, make small ones.
Inner Warmth

Stuart Wilde

Iíve noticed in teaching people (lots of them) that those that are very cold and heartless usually always think they are very nice. The archetypal Mr. Nice Guy may have a lot of disdain and silent hatred and elitism in his heart but he ignores that and goes through his people-pleasing routine as a methodology of survival and winning acceptance, and of course he does it for his own acclaim. He doesnít see how rotten his soul is or how doomed he is.

In the piece I wrote for SW.com recently on the collective karma, I said to avoid being swept up in events out of your control you have to go to the opposite feelings than those held by the mass of people around you. So in a country that advocates war, vengeance, greed and elitism, one would take to sweetness and peace and acceptance of others as an act of contradicting the national karma.

To become genuinely warm is to become evermore safe. For cold heartless people become infested by ghouls and etheric entities they canít see and those dark beings capture their soul over a long period of time; also they create listlessness and disease and dark paranoiac concerns and other mental problems. But most of all coldness pulls to one the same matching nastiness that is in the collective mindset. So there is a great danger in the immediate vicinity.

At a recent seminar event I taught, I noticed that many people had little black, fast-moving worms that looked like thin black slivers that existed in their etheric around their neck and skull. The black lines flew out a few inches from the body then they returned to the personís force field, and then a while later they made another sortie, like UFOs leaving a mother-ship. It was fascinating to watch.

Other people that can see the Morph have also seen the same black worm-like slithers coming out of peopleís mouths and flying back in and some people have a long black tongue that is thick and about six to eight inches long, like an eel. Itís rather scary I have been told as when the black tongue comes out one doesnít expect it. It makes one jump.

I asked the Aluna beings that help me sometimes how to get rid of these black entities around people, and they said a shaman or an etheric healer can remove them but the dark etheric beings that live in peopleís energy field will always return if a person is cruel or cold, or if they have arrogance or silent hatred in their heart.

It made me wonder how many human diseases are caused by these black etheric beings as they seem really ugly and dangerous, and I wondered how much the coldness of oneís heart pulls to one ghoulish entities that eventually make one really sick. There is much to learn. I canít wait to find out more.

To change is easy - you just have to evaluate the level of your disdain and coldness toward humanity and animals, and if that egocentric frozen heart is not part of your mind and your soul then you are safe and protection will come to you, but if it is a part of your outlook on life then you are not safe and you can make a point of fixing it.

© Stuart Wilde - 2007