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    Enc International Ltd China Usb Sticks Scam

    Do not do business with this company ENC INTERNATIONAL LTD based in China they are scammers. Our company that is based in Dubai ordered 250pcs of 8GB USB sticks, the seller(ENC International LTD) from China, re-programmes a 2gb memory stick to look like a 8gb, 16gb or 32gb. They sent us junk, we have been trying to get our money back and still have failed. They are crooks they will take your money and send you junk. We received sticks that didnt work and every one of them were defected. They do not respond to our email, calls and faxes. We have reported them to their local police, the Chinese Chamber of Commerce as well.

    You have been warned!

    Address: Rm C1, 20F, DOngjiang Haoyuan, Zone 3, Shenzhen, Baoan, Guangdong, China

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    Re: Enc International Ltd China Usb Sticks Scam

    Well I'm 20 and my boyfriend is 23. We haven't been together long and this was a complete surprise. I only found out 3 days ago and it's still sinking in. We both have a few years left in school and in addition to that we both aren't currently working. He is not open at all to keeping it and can't fathom how I'm even considering keeping it :( I wish I could offer him a better reason than "it doesn't feel right" but I can't. My body already feels completely different from having so many symptoms I already feel connected and responsible. I know we're not ready and if I'm being honest with myself the chances of him sticking around are probably slim. I have to go into this with the assumption that if I keep the baby ill be totally on my own. I should also mention that I suffer from an eating disorder. I went to treatment about a year ago and it's been much better since but...I'm at an ideal weight and my episodes of purging have gone down a lot but it's still a daily struggle. Him and his family have all made it clear that they want me to terminate the pregnancy. I just don't think I can and it hurts my heart to think about it. I just think I would regret it so much but would it be irresponsible to bring a kid into this situation? Probably. Please offer some advice or experience I'm so lost and alone. Is this possible to do completely on my own? Where do I even start? The last thing I need/ can handle is judgement and criticism so please be gentle :/

    -- 20 & 23 expecting a suprise August baby

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