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    earn247now Guest

    Can anyone help get info on 800#

    I need help in finding out who owns this number and any other info such as address, city and state or country if not in the usa. Its 1-800-900-4344. They are a scam company hiding behind privacy dns, and no phone numbers listed under their name, and their credit card processor will not tell us who they are.

    If they are not a scam why are they hiding and never answer any emails for refunds? They offer refunds, they just never give any out. Email me if you wish, or post it here. We need to organize and get everyone involved with emailing these and all scamers to shut them down. Posting here is ok, but what have the results been? Has anyone ever received their money returned here or anywhere else just by a posting? I'm sure others who have read the posting on scamers before they sent their money were happy to be here.

    I became a volunteer to help report scam 24 7. They just opened on msn and need managers. I am not qualified to help them as a manager there as I know nothing about msn. If you are and can help them they would be greatly appreciative. Email them at admin@reportscam247.com if you would like to help them.

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    Re: Can anyone help get info on 800#

    Someone is trying to sell you a mobile home. Google the number without the 1...you'll see what I mean.

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    Re: Can anyone help get info on 800#

    What is their website?

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    earn247now Guest

    Re: Can anyone help get info on 800#

    Their web site is hitdoctors.net and they use that 800 # as a contact. Mobile homes, hmmm I will check on google and see. Thank you

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    earn247now Guest

    Re: Can anyone help get info on 800#

    OOpps sorry, made a mistake, the number is 866-900-4344. So sorry. Thank you for the info. Greatly appreciated. Some volunteer I am LOL. Getting old. Going blind I guess. Thanks again.

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    Re: Can anyone help get info on 800#

    They share fax number 803-749-4345 with Intersponse.net.

    Thomas Gallman
    1013 Broad River Rd
    Columbia, South Carolina 29210
    United States

    1013 Broad River Rd is UPS store in Colambia South Carolina. Eamil could be old.

    Only Gallman Thomas in Columbia, South Carolina is

    Gallman, Thomas Rubin
    234 Saint Andrews Rd

    Columbia, SC 29210-4453
    (803) 749-1084
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