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    Health Insurance Scams

    Ok we all know a loved one or friend or coworker that has been scammed by health insurance companies. Use this thread to expose the people, doctors, or companies that have wronged the right. Help other people so that this doesn't happen again.

    People need to fight back!:judges::judges::judges:

    There's always some claims that are never covered. Dozens of movies are based on this theory.

    Talk about it here and help people out. Talk about health insurance scams here.

    Will Obama Care fix these problems?

    Supreme Court
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    Re: Health Insurance Scams

    There have been some great movies made regarding insurance fraud like Erin Brockovich and Rainmaker. The book Rainmaker, by John Grisham, was great also and I love his books.

    Currently I'm earning my degrees in health administration and something that's always amazed me about a lot of insurance companies is that customer's purchase their insurance, yet, for one reason or another claim after claim gets delayed or denied and in the meantime certain CEOs are lining their pockets. I watched on CSPN a while back where Congress was questioning insurance companies as to their reasons for denying so many claims and what was so interesting about these hearings was that the CEOs and such weren't present, but had sent spokes persons in their place and these individuals didn't have any clear answers for Congress. There was one Congressman who straight up asked one of the spokes people if the reason for the denial of claims for this particular insurance company was because the CEO had pocketed around $11 million for that year and the spokes person really didn't have much of an answer for the Congressman. They were very vague.

    Unfortunately it’s like there’s so much greed that drives this world and I don’t know how else it’s going to be stopped unless people do speak out against these types of issues.

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    Re: Health Insurance Scams

    Obama care has gone way too far! They should change it before it probably gets worst. The people of the US don't act immediately.

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