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    Is this a Scam or Not

    I have looked over this site many times..here it is http://www.heritage-marketing.com can anyone tell me what they think..if you read the FAQS it does tell you what is in the letter..but I'm just needing to know if this a scam or not..thanks


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    Re: Is this a Scam or Not

    Any help would be appreciated..everyone looks and doesn't reply.

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    Re: Is this a Scam or Not

    Stuffing Envelopes that promise unrealistic money are all scam. About 90% of those "stuffing" opportunities are bait and dump kind of deal. They get your sign-up money and you never hear from them. That is the best option. Second option is bait and switch. You actually get envelopes and start losing money because only 1 or 2%. of them will get replies(and sales made) and you only get paid for envelopes that got replies.

    No. Nobody has to buy anything in order for you to get paid $12.00 per envelope.
    So it is option #1. Bait and dump.

    There are legitimate mailing programs. But you have to search for them through local businesses that may need additional hands. Those jobs do not pay a lot. Probably $5-$7 bucks an hour or by volume. It could take a while to find them too.

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    Re: Is this a Scam or Not

    its crap. where is it ? i can't find any address. any real business has an address somewhere and then the local BBB can tell you what they heard of the company. this one is nowhere. just trust us and send us money. crap, crap, crap.

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    Re: Is this a Scam or Not

    I agree with mumbles and boris when you are looking at these types of programs the majority of them are scams.

    Rule of thumb: check to see if there is a company name and mailing address that you can verify with the BBB.

    Send them a letter requesting contacts you can speak to in order to verify there track record if they are not willing to give out that information you can inquire about the specifics of the offer. If the company is legit they should have no trouble sending this information to you but you should send a SASE so there is no reason for them not responding.

    If you can't find them on the BBB and/or they don't write you back. Walk away. You will save yourself both time and money.

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