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    Leslie Wright is a RACIST!!!!!

    I am a person of color and was confronted in my place of business by Leslie Wright who said derogatory things about me and stated that she was scared of my people. She was belligerent and nasty to me and my co-workers all because she is paranoid. I feel sorry for anyone that has to deal with her as she will put you down because you are a different color and think less of you.


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    Re: Leslie Wright is a RACIST!!!!!

    Hello, I have read your post at the Political chat, no one seems to care what you said over there. No one seems to care what you say over here. This is a OTHER SCAM. Really it should not be placed here on scam.com Listen you will find people as her all over the world and listen it does not matter what your race is, we all get picked on by people who think they are superior than you ( everybody) gets picked on. The thing you have to do, and be brave, You go to her and confront her and tell her just how you feel, talk to her. That way, she may never pick on you again. You have to face her, settle the issues with her. That is what you are going to have to do, when you are confronted with a person as her Leslie ? Now, the next time you see her, tell her that you have something to say to her. LOOK her in the EYE, Constantly look her in the eye. Never be afraid, you just tell her how you feel, go girl go!

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